Thursday, October 11, 2012

Colour Me In: Black! My (once) HG Liquid Liner - Revlon Colorstay

What I find odd is that I haven’t blogged about a majority of the beauty products that I use most! One liquid liner that I’ve used since the day I discovered how to wing the perfect eyeline is this- Revlon's colourstay in blackest black.

I've repurchased this fella 3 times and it's sister, the pen liner once. Until I found s
omething even better.... (Will post about it soon hehe)

My ideal liquid liner tip :'). The key to smooth, straight lines.
Swaaatch time!
Two strokes, applied and dried.
Abit of drizzle under water and wiped lightly. 

This product is absolutely not waterproof. Don't expect of to be.. (Im on my phone blogging since my laptop died... if my laptop wasn't dead, I would link you to a picture of me being the aftermath of bawling my eyes out while wearing this liquid liner... not a pretty sight... nor was it a pretty morning) 

What I loved: 
- Super black! Pigmented 
- Lasts all day if you learn not to rub your eyes 
- Get the hang of the brush and I guarantee you, perfect application every time! 

- Oh only if it was waterproof... 

Pricing and Available at:
I see them for the markets at the cheapest, $10. I'm not sure how much retail price is but I'm sure it's much more than $15!

Well that was me sharing my (once) HG liquid liner to you 
Now hop onto the other girls posts , (refer to previous posts with links to their site hehehehe) 
Ill fix this post up tomorrow once I get my charger back.


  1. i used to live off this eye liner! until i discovered the estee lauder one. Oh me oh my does it apply beautifully and literally last all day. PLUS its water proof xo

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