Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Got Mail: Canon PowerShot S95

Guess what???!
The day finally came... 
I got a new camera!!!
A camera that has been on my wishlist for way too long....

I got a Canon PowerShot S95 ♥♥
I've wanted this camera since last year after my 2nd camera died... 
But instead I resorted to the Lumix DMC-F3 since I only had $149 in my pocket left after paying for formal and I thought that getting a camera was a higher priority than buying a pair of shoes or a clutch :')

I bought this camera online at for $299 + shipping
This camera retails for $400-500... But if you know me, I am the stingiest little girl alive.
I will not pay full price for an item because I am SURE there is somewhere/someplace out there that's selling it for at least half the price! And there I found eGlobal Digital Cameras.

My online shopping experience at eGlobal Digital Cameras
After I had received my camera I had faced a few issues, the screen protector I received had been the wrong size and the camera charger is absolutely outrageous! It's so loose it's not funny.
I contacted them via chat since there were not emails for me to email to (I'd much prefer emailing over chatting...) They took 25 minutes to reply even when there was no one waiting to chat besides me. And after they had FINALLY replied, they contradicted themselves about my issues and then stopped replying to what I was saying. The customer service of eGlobal Digital Cameras is horrible.

Would I repurchase from this company?
Yes/No. Yes because their digital cameras (and only digital cameras... maybe other capturing devices) are affordable but their accessories are the biggest rip off ever! The case for this camera was $30 on the site where as if I were to buy it off eBay, it would be $10. They overprice a majority of their items so it's better off buying it from eBay! 
Also, the shipping is outrageous! When I checked in the beginning of August, the shipping for a camera was $96... then I checked again at the end of August and it was $102. Then I checked a few days ago (Thank god) and it was $47! So I guess the shipping varies.... 
The issue I have with buying items online on websites like these is that there is no 'feedback' system (like eBay), so they could send you a faulty item and wouldn't care much about your issues if you were to complain!

Beautiful little thing isn't it? :')

Au Reviour Camera #3
 We've had a good run...

 But I won't miss your faded buttons, the dents on your sides or how you never turned on when I most needed you so It's time to pass this Wrist Strap to a more worthy member :')

The biggest downside to my Lumix was that there was NO focus whatsoever unless it was 20cm away and the flash was blinding! So the Lumix, I reckon, is only good for portrait pictures!

A few random shots with my new baby <3
Click to enlarge me!

Millenium approves ☺

Bye! I hope you've all had a lovely evening

xo, arsyparsy


  1. That's a decent price that you got the camera for! But hmm, I don't think I would want to buy from a place that had crappy customer service... (probably why I haven't bought anything from MAC recently!) I'm generally scared to buy stuff online, anyway. But I do need a new camera, my 7.2MP cybershot has poor video quality so I need to upgrade! Might just browse their website. Congrats on the new camera, and I must say, you made a good choice with the Canon!

  2. Rin- Thank you for checking out my post :D
    I was so excited when I found the site! Yet I was digging for cheaper ones :p
    Yeah, it was pretty bad. I'm going to try again tomorrow!
    The only online site I trust is eBay because I'm covered by PayPal and the sellers care a lot about their feedback rating so they always want to try their best to make their customers happy!
    Try Googling according to what you want most in a camera!
    Hehe yeah, Canon never fails me <3

  3. yayyyyy shiny new camera! haha I find the concept of using a camera to take a picture of another camera absolutely hilarious for some reason...or maybe I'm just completely mad. can't wait to see awesome posts featuring pictures taken by your awesome camera! I would never buy expensive (like $100+) things online because I'm scared of being ripped off but I'm glad you weren't :)

  4. Cindy- Hahahaha Cindy! You're the cutest! Oh my god you wouldn't believe!
    I spent 2 hours taking pictures of silly stuff last night!
    Yeah I would never do that either but I so desperately wanted a discount!! And if anyone were to rip me off, I would send them poo.

  5. This is a fantastic Camera and now is very low in price


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