Monday, October 31, 2011

FOTD: Creepy Doll Look

Ahhhhh last month I told my self that THIS month I'd be doing a Halloween look at the end of every week...
I guess that didn't work out!!!!

So it was the first time blocking my eyebrows the other day. 
I attempted it 3 times in one sitting and I failed the 3 times.
The next day I gave it a go again........ And after many layers of glue>concealer>powder>foundation>powder>foundation>powder>foundation>powder>foundation>powder>foundation>powder............... SUCCESS!

Hi I'm a lil doll.

I love drawing on eyebrows! Seriously!!!! 
I wish I had really light coloured eyebrows so I can shade them in a million times a year!

It was super fun doing this look! I finally made use of my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk that I recently purchased :) from my Cherry Culture haul here

I just realised what bad a job I did at doing my eyeshadow! 
I think I was too excited with everything else ehhe
It was kinda odd too since I had so much eyelid space!!!

I'm a bit cute.


Australis Lipstick in Flamenco
Lashes from eBay
Pink shade of Manly 180 Palette (review here)
Australis Paparazzi Perfect Blush in Shoot to Thrill
NYX eyeshadow in Root Beer 
Maybeline Liquid Concealer
FOA Foundation in Natural Tan
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner

If I could have done anything better on this look, I would have used black for eyebrows instead of brown as dolls look perfect so harsh lines are okay. I would have also raised my eyeshadow more!

Hehe me without eyebrows:

Mind you, I thought I looked dashing.

Have a safe night everyone!!!
Happy Halloween!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. your good alice <3 it

  2. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  3. Hong- Aw thank you Hong!
    And thank you for taking a second to comment ♥

    Nisa- Haha I was aiming for that reaction!
    I wanted to do a freakier look but I didn't have white face paint :(

    Lonely- Aw thank you :)
    I hope you have a wonderful day/evening (which ever side of the world you're on :p)!

  4. So creepy but you is a cutie patootie hehe! You're so pro at covering your brows and drawing them on :O Much better than me ahaha... I don't have enough patience and I've only practiced covering mine a couple of times x[ You surely do look dashing with no brows keke ;)

  5. Hi Alice, i'm just an anon blog hopping hehe but you look superrrr creepy but cute at the same time :) lol does tht evn work? Jst wondering where you go th e jumbo eye pencil from & if u know anywhere you can get MAC for cheaper from?

  6. Arghhhhh I legit had a mini heart attack when I saw this on my blog list thing hahah. You look sooo cute! In a creepy dollish way haha. Also never realised how crazy people look without eyebrows lol

  7. Jen- Haha aw! LOL don't worry... I took 3 attempts before I could do it...
    And I tried doing it again yesterday and I failed!!! LOL :(
    Oh thank you, you are too kind :$!

  8. Anon- Hi!!! Thank you :) And thank you for dropping by!!!
    I got the eye pencil online from CherryCulture! I think it was $3 :).... I hardly buy from there though because I am super stingy when I comes to shipping!
    And about MAC products... honestly.. I have no idea!!! I only have one mac product, a lippie from Sorry, that was useless :(

    Cindy- HEHEHE YAY :D! LOL Me neither!!!
    I scare myself when I look at the pics of myself without eyebrows haha

  9. Woahh~! The look is amazing (and so creepy)! And ee, yess, blocking eyebrows can be super hard. I remembe the first time I did it, I was like !?! so I eventually trimmed my eyebrows quite short so it was easier to cover (for cosplay) xD BUT its grown all out again @_@"!

    Anyway, you look awesomee!! I really feel like doing a halloween look now :( /damnexams

  10. Melody- Hehe thank you :)
    Omg.... It is so time consuming!!! I had to wait for each layer to dry.... Took forever!
    People on youtube make it look so simple :( And some people can just cover it with on layer!!!! *unfair***
    Aww good luck with your upcoming exams!! You can play with Halloween looks all you want after :)

  11. Wow, this looks quite awesome and definitely creepy! I've never blocked in eyebrows before, now I'm curious :o

  12. Celeste- Haha you should definitely try it out!!!
    Maybe you'll be able to master the technique :')
    It's super tricky for me :(

  13. OMG!! That is awesome!! Its creepy in a cute way!!

  14. gahh when I first saw that photo pop up in my blog feed im like WHATTTTTTTT but then I realised it was you. hehe. good effort concealing your eyebrows! I dont think I'd ever be able to do that!

  15. Eugenia- Haha, thank you :')

    Krissy- LOL hahahaha! Aw thank you but trust me!!! It was A LOT of work.
    I got so annoyed at the time consuming process :(

  16. OMG LOOOOL @ the photo of you with no eye brows! I use to think that eyebrows are useless, but now I see that it is a must have!
    You did an awesome job! It's a shame you didn't wear it out! It woulda scared a lot of people :D

  17. ohh this is creepy but SUPER COOL and you pulled it off really well! fab make up look hun!

  18. Gerrytale- Haha it's weird isn't it!
    Yeah :( I didn't think of that!

    Pop- Hehe thank you so much x

    Galaxia- And it was fun to do!


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