Tuesday, November 22, 2011

L.A. Colors Moisture Lipstick in Black Velvet - Lipstick Swatch + Review


I purchased an L.A. Colors Moisture Lipstick in Black Velvet from a bargain shop at Parramatta.
I bought it for fun since I've never had a lipstick before and thought $2.50 wouldn't hurt even if it was bad quality..

I saw this brand show up often while shopping on CherryCulture as they have quite a range of nail polishes and eyeshadows!

I was playing with the lipstick before and was in a rush to leave the house that I put the wrong cap on the lipstick which squash it :(
So now it's flat and ugly.

I was copying Lady Gaga's look in a music video:
Don't my lips look teensy! I applied it with a lip brush.

It was so much more pigmented than I expected!
Swatches are riggidy because of my squashed lipstick hehe.

Without flash:

With flash:

What L.A Colors say:
"Moisturize your lips with Color. The unique contour tip perfects lip shape with a more precise application. 
These lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E & Aloe Vera."

Goes on smoothly
Available in 52 shades 
(range shown here)

Wears off after 2-3 hours

Since it was $2.50 at a bargain store I bet it's less than half the price in America! I've also seen L.A. Colors Lipsticks at many bargain stores, just keep your eye out at the counter! 
Also, I only put the smell as a con because I don't like scented lipsticks, they make me feel gross. 
This lipstick sort of smells Vanilla-ish... But I can bear it. 
In my personal opinion I think that the packaging is tacky. I have another one in this sort of packaging and I ruined the top for that one too!

Product: 3.5/5
Packaging: 2/5
Quality: 4/5
Asian bargain stores @ $2.50
Cherry Culture @ $2.00

Would I recommend this product?

Yes! If you don't mind the packaging and scent.. why not? 

It's not often you find such a cheap lipstick!

Would I repurchase?
If there's a shade that L.A. Colors has that I'm not willing to buy else where then yes! 
The packaging is really annoying and kind of unattractive so I'd rather not.

Thank you for reading!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. Haha they look pretty real don't they!
    Lucky webcam makes everything looks better than it actually is :p

  2. I love the lady gaga look! It's so cute :) but black lipstick would be too harsh for me.

  3. Dropping by! :D
    wow your lips are coool~

  4. Julie- Hehe thank you =)
    Yes it is! But I guess its ok... not to wear out.... Haha!
    Lisa- Thank you for dropping by! Thank you x

  5. Wow that lip stick can be used as eye liner! (or not) but still, it is heaps pigmented!
    I need to go to this bargain store! I own ZERO lipsticks, so it wouldn't kill to try some hehe.

    Loool, my banner pic was taken in my backyard :D We wish we have a river ~

  6. You look gooooood with black lipstick! It sucks you squished it though. I think I would look like a liquorice-eating hobo :(

  7. Amelia- Hehe, hi!

    Gerry- It is!! You should buy some :)
    Heaps of asian stores have it!
    Awww your backyard is nice!!!

    Cindy- LOL Aw thanks!
    Yeah... Damn packaging!
    It's happened twice :(

  8. You look like a gothic geisha!!! That is so cool! xD I don't know why you bought black though... I don't really wear lipstick. Can't decide on a color that DOESN'T make my Asian skin look pasty

  9. Haha thanks!
    Yeah it was really random I just felt like I needed an odd colour, and black was it :)!
    Aww pinks are always good!
    Dw one day you'll find one :)

  10. OMG. It's freaking black lipstick! too bad it got squised :( I used to really really want black lipstick, but I got over it. I don't really wear lipstick now. I find it's a bit too harsh. Or at least the lipsticks that I've tried on :)

    Great blog, btw :)

  11. WOW!! That is really black!! But really awesome wow pigmented it is. I hate when that happens to my lipstick... *squish* but I guess if you use a lip brush it will be okie that.
    Love the review. I think I have one LA color lipstick and I bought it cuz it was cheap too!! hehe!

  12. dislike scented lipstick +1
    I consider it will be a waste of money if you aint use the products one bought (regardless how cheap they could be) lol

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  15. Haha yeah black is a bizarre colour.

    Aww try out a pinkish-red shade!!! :)

  16. Oooh I hope you find a lipstick that works well for you!!!!
    I love lippies! Thank you so much x 

  17. I haven't come across a lippie that isn't scented yet! Would you recommend any?

    Well this was just a one off thing! Of course it's black, I wouldn't be using it very often, only for looks that I believe need it!

  18. Aw thank you so much, 
    I'm glad that you feel that way!!
    The same to you!


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