Monday, December 12, 2011

I Got Mail: Coastal Scents Metal Mania 88 Eyeshadow Palette

Yay for Black Friday sales! 

I took advantage of Coastal Scent's 50% off sale..... 50% off!!! 
That's a massive discount! I purchased the Metal Mania Palette here, the palette is $24.95 and with discount it turned out to be $12.48 USD.
Gerry and I split shipping so we ended up paying $30 each in total! ☺

I've always wanted their palettes, Original in particular but I already have a Manly palette which has similiar shades. I really wanted this one here but the next day when I decided to buy it, it was out of stock :( 

The shipping was super fast! It came in a week and a half :)

The palette I purchased has 88 shades which have a 'metal' look to it and are all slightly shimmery!

Here are a few pics:

 Matte packaging with a slight shimmer

 The many gorgeous 88 shades! The sizes of each eyeshadow pan were pretty small...

 Has a mirror and along with 2 dual ended sponge applicators on either side

 Swatches of 3 shades - Dark purple, black and white.
Not as pigmented as I expected them to be

 Without flash and no base

I don't really like sponge applicators that come with packages, I find them pointless because they begin to deteriorate after a few uses. 

I'm sooo excited to experiment with it this week!

I hope you're all having a great evening!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. SO. MANY. COLOURS. 88 is a seriously random number though. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Pretty colours wo0o0o00o0oooo

  3. Omg! I wish I knew about this sale! Jealous as right now haha :)

  4. Yah I know!!! They're all so pretty :') And wearable!

  5. Haha I know, but the sizes of each one are pretty small :(!

    Me neither x!!!

  6. Aww maybe it'll come back around next year!

  7. Hoooruh! Our package!!!! I'm excited to try out my shades tomorrow ~
    Can't wait to see your make up looks form the shadows :D :D

  8. Hehe yay!!!! I hope you like you palette!!!

  9. omg!! awesome ^^ the palette is so hugeee

  10. Oooh pretty palette !
    I believe mine is somewhat similar ..but is a cheap no-branded one from China that I got on eBay! Aha ;;

  11. Aww cool! I bet it's good quality though isn't it! 

  12. I'm excited! It is huge but the eyeshadow pans are pretty small :(


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