Friday, December 16, 2011

Barry M Lip Paint in Peachy Pink - Swatch + Review


Barry M Lip Paints were $2~3/each on ASOS the other month.
Nearly half price as they're usually $5~7.
My friend was buying a few things off there and got me the Barry M Lip Paint in Peachy Pink!

I really like the sleek matte packaging
The colour is gorgeous in the tube!

I have super dry chapped lips so once I applied this lippy, it just accentuated every bit of it (But what lipstick that I own haven't?... I just have to remember to moisturise my lips before applying any lippie!).

When at first applying it, it was a bit patchy. It took a couple of layers to get it to become even.

Being a 'Lip Paint' it had to be pigmented! And indeed, it was.

The consistency is just the perfect amount of creaminess though.

The shade shows up as a matte warm coral and a slightly pink nude.
I think I look a bit washed out with this lip colour... But I still like it!
More pictures Alice! I'm also strutting the lippy here!


With flash/ without flash

With flash
 Without flash
The size of the lipstick was definitely a lot smaller than I expected!
What Barry M says: 
"With over 30 shades to suit every mood and taste from softly shimmering pastels to vibrant colours All Lip Paint's have a soft, beautiful smooth texture that is packed full of natural moistures to help them glide on and stay comfortable to wear for hours." 

Sleek packaging
Right consistency
No scent!


This is actually the first Lipstick(/Lip Paint) I've ever encountered that didn't have a scent. 
Or maybe I just can't trace it...

Product: 3.5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Quality: 3.5/5
ASOS @ $4.24 ~ 7.61

Would I recommend this product?
If you're looking for a coral/orangey nude then this is for you! 
They also have shimmery and frosty lip paints too but the consistency throughout each product (being creamy and pigmented) isn't the same. 
As mine was extremely matte, it lacked in being moisturising. 
So it is advised that you look up reviews before you buy any other lip paints!

Would I repurchase?
Yes!!! I really want Shocking Pink and Sunset *eek
I definitely should have gotten more shades when the sale was around, but I already have so many pinks!!!

Thank you for reading and I hope this review has helped!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. Damn must keep an eye out for these sales on ASOS..!

  2. I loveeee coral at the moment and the colour looks really gorgeous on you! Wish I saw this on ASOS :P

  3. I thought it was weird seeing how cheap it was! 
    I don't even see the makeup sales in their newsletter so I guess it's random when they have sales!

  4. It's a gorgeous coral isn't it!!!

  5. Aww thank you babe!!!
    I hope the sale comes back on!!!!

  6. I've never tried any of the BarryM lipsticks, 

    But everyone's always blogging about them.You all are making me curious and wanna try them. haha& we both have the same blog background :) well except your banner looks awesome!!<3, Dana

  7. Hi! you might want to join my 1st Blog Giveaway and win one of these ROMWE items! :)xx


  8. I want to purchase more of their items!!! 
    Haha awww thank you Dana!!! x

  9. Boy oh boy! this looks so nice, it's a very flattering color on you! :)

    & RE: Yeah, I heard they're pretty expensive. It's kinda hard to get too :( my search for the perfect eyelash curler continues...

  10. Ooo.. I actually think the colour works on you! I want to try too!

  11. Hiii!

    Ooo, I'll check it out!

  12. Aww I think I'm actually getting use to it :)

    Yeah! Sooo expensive! I've given up with eyelash curlers! I will forever have stubbornly straight eyelashes..... :(

  13. Aww yay! The colour actually seems pretty versatile!!! 

  14. Pretty lip color! Corals are my favorite <3


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