Thursday, October 4, 2012

IMATS 2012 + Haul!

Hi! So as you all know, IMATS was on over the weekend. The weekend we've all been anticipating for, I was incredibly excited because I knew I would have so much fun with the girls, and I did! IMATS last year, for me, was a bit of a wreck, being more prepared getting in this year had really helped!

Tram had rocked up to my house at 7:30 and I had just woken up, with 8 minutes to spare of time to get ready and hop over to the station, we got there just in time to miss our train. I didn't mind at all though because I always have fun just chilling with Tram!

And of course, being as unprepared as we were, we never look at maps and absolutely wing it. We were meant to walk our way over to Harbourside but instead found ourselves at Circular Quay....

Up the stairs to IMATS!

And we were finally here!

Of course, walking around checking out all the neat stuff they had instore.

And bumping into Norlin!

My favourite stand :D

Found a dupe for the OPI polish I had on, Inglot 989

Absolutely swooning over the matte coats.... omgsh...

In my basket so far...

Another stand I was looking forward to!

Watching a demonstration on applying makeup for bruises
...Not much yet

Swollen lip!

Pretty realistic, especially the scrap marks on his elbow!

Tez, Ling and Tine

Being Asian

Hello worlllllld

Glamming up my tips 

Cutie Tez

What happens when you're deciding what Lip Tar to buy....

Some makeup looks from the day...
My favourite!

Three beautiful girls I'm glad I've met and gotten to know a year ago
Trammie, Tez & Manda!
Manda's cam!

Annnd of course, my purchases from the day!
2x R&L Angled Brow BE10
2x Crown Deluxe Crease C317
R&;L Baby Dome C180
R&L Kabuki
OCC Lip Tar in Momento
Inglot Matte Coat 22
Inglot Flakie in 16
Girlee Lippies in Sinful and Tequila Sunrise 

I doubled up on the eyebrow brush because I use it evvveerryday.. And it's another 365 days til' IMATS!
I didn't spend too much, I really wish I purchased some eyeshadows from Inglot.. Just because I love their palettes! And some more lip tars, dammit, I wanted Strutter but it was sold out and the rest didn't tickle my fancy too much.

Well, it was an awesome day as expected and a successful day of shopping, especially being able to take advantage of Tez' discount card hehe.


  1. LOL at your hand for swatching lip tars hahaha cute yay famry <3

  2. Cuteeeeeeeeee post!! Wish I was there with you girliess!!!

  3. WOW it looks incredible! So cool to see all the bloggers united!

  4. I heard there was a NYX stand there? Is that true..

    1. Hi Rebecca! I didn't see one there! And it wasn't in the list of exhibitors.... So I don't think so haha

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  6. Alice we could have got Tez to record us having sex. I would have loved to enter your pussy when you were dressed like that, you could have got on top and I would have my hands round your bum lifting up your skirt and Tez behind you so she got get great video of your arse up up and down on my big cock.
    No doubt Tez would want to ride me as well. I know oriental girls like to try a bigger cock than they are use to ;)


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