Saturday, October 2, 2010

Circle Lens Review: EOS Max Pure Pink

A month ago or so I bought a few lenses off Pinky Paradise!
The lenses came well over a week which was pretty quick and they had followed up with many emails over the time that it was being shipped, before and after :)

Purchase here

I will buy from there again!


Max Pure Pink
Diameter: 14.5
1 year disposal

I know!! I scared myself too when I looked at myself in the mirror :(

My sis soph!

She naked mole rat

Design: 7/10
I like it! I think for the other colours like brown, they're meant to be for a natural look
It has a sort of spikey kinda design going along it and a black outer rim.
I wasn't too keen on the black rim but I got use to it
I like how the inner bit kinda blends in so it just looks like a pink ring!

Picture on the site:

Colour: 8/10
Pink, exactly as shown in the picture above! It's noticable but not that obvious.

Enlargement: 10/10
I look like an alien when I put them on! lol I didn't want my eyes too be big :( i just wanted contact lenses, but I guess thats what people look for of course when they're wearing circle lenses :)
The enlargement ofcourse varies by your eyeshape!!!!!

Comfort: 10/10
Very comfortable!! I couldn't even feel a thing, Wore it for 9 hours straight and my eyes still didnt go red!
In the library, luvos are fun

Thanks for viewing!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. You look so pretty Alice <3

  2. It looks gorgeous on you!! I really want one of these now :D

  3. I never realized how big your eyes were until now and that's even without the circle lenses! Hahahahaha and omgosh Alice, you looked stunning at your formal! I had to take a double take just to check that it was you! Hahaha

  4. looks gorgeous on u.. ♥ my eos soo hurt my eyes after a month :(

  5. Awww it looks great on you Alice : )
    Sophie is adorable AHAHA!!!

  6. They really do make your eyes look big.

    And why am I so cute?

  7. ahhaha aw you guys are sweet!
    @Steph Get them!!! I especially wanted them since they last for a year! :)
    @ipehishere thank you! ♥ aww that's opposite for me, geo actually hurt my eyes after a bit :(
    @Sophie U silly hi

  8. those contacts look gorgeous on youu !


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