Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ulta3 Nail Polish in Jazzle, Envy, Jelly Bean, Lollypop Lilac, Bon bon and Black Satin: Swatches + Review

Hi Cuties!
Well a pharmacy at Cabramatta sells each Ulta3 Nailpolish for only $2!
So I bought a couple hehehe
They're actually a reeally random lot! I hate half of them as some don' match my skin tone..

I got them in Jazzle, Envy, Jelly Bean, Lollypop Lilac, Bon bon and Black Satin
I also have one in Clear and Base Coat but I don't see the point in swatching those :P haha

First lot:
L>R: Jazzle, Envy and Jelly Bean
Jazzle: A very sheer peachy base with gold
Envy: I love this! It's like a dull gold, lots of shimmer all over
Jellybean: Like a turqouise color with greeny/gold! Really pretty in the bottle! Not so much on the nails

Next lot:
L>R: Lollypop Lilac, Bon bon and Black Satin
Lollypop Lilac: Same as Envy but just in a lilac color! I love this too :D
Bonbon: With 7 coats you'll get a really pretty pink color. Above I had only put 2. I like it :) Girly!
Black Satin: Just Black. :D

Each nail polish coated on Black Satin as base:
Envy and Lollypop Lilac don't make much difference!
Bonbon turns purple hehe.

The brush:
It's very slim! 

* Inexpensive! Only $2
*As good as any other nail polish in the $0-$5 price range, if not- better!

*Chips easily
*Doesn't come in that much colors
*Takes a while to dry
*Some need 4-5 (varies) 

But at this price, who cares about the bad things about it! hehe

Uh oh, mess I made :(

Thanks for viewing!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. $2 is so cheap! And my favourite would have to be 'Envy'.

  2. Jelly Bean is so cute, lovely color for spring ;)

    and envy is cool too =)!

  3. omg i know what you mean about them chipping :( :( i dont like the clear nailpolish, that deteriotes really fast!

    but i do like envy and lollipop lilac!

  4. great review! I saw them for $2 here too but didn't really trust them... But I really like the color in envy. I might just get that color only. Thankx ;)

  5. oh pretty, and $2 is pretty decent price! haha i know, don't you hate how the colors look nice on the bottle but when you apply it on your skin you're like... yuck. that's how I'm like with my gunmetal colors!

  6. @Tezza omg I can't agree more!!! yep they're my favz of the bunch :D

    @Pop Yeppp looks can be decieving :(

  7. I love Jellybean! I am a big fan of Ulta3 thanks for swatching them :D

  8. @Violet No worries! I'm glad I helped :)

  9. alice!
    i gots a new blog!
    i made it about 30mins ago! hahaha

    well i love how you are blogging heaps despite hsc nearing
    and i love your eyes for formal!!

    keep it up beautiful!

  10. aw thanks babe! :) love all the swatches lovely! went past a petrol station in the city last night and discovered a big ulta3 bin, had to be dragged away from it in case i decided to buy the whole nail polish bin lol =p im pretty sure i have all the colors already but i think i saw new ones so i was ready to pounce

    hope u had a great weekend!

  11. @Amanda: Hehe awww yay! Keep blogging! I can't wait to see more posts ☺
    hahaha awww, I'm just really lazy I hope I get motivated later cos this is such a bad habit!!!! Haha Thank you sooo much gorgeous! You're too sweet ♥

    @Cecilia: Hehe aw thanks, LOL yeah you have a lot of nailpolish... I think TOO much .____. hahahaha You hope you had a good weekend too!

  12. which pharmacy in cabra did you find these at? i've heard alot of hype about the colour 'earl grey' that i wanna try :D

  13. hi! hehe oooo well I got them from the pharmacy near woolies :)


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