Sunday, October 10, 2010

My First Youtube Video Created Ever on FOTD: Everyday Wear

Hi Girls!
Well the other day I was doing my makeup cos' I was bored....... And then took pictures for this blog. Then I realised I was wearing 2 different eyelashes :(.........................

So I did it again the next day! And thought, since I already know what I'm doing... why not record it? So I did!
And I had lots of fun editing it and adding my favourite song ever!!!!!!

It was initially in HD but somehow Windows Movie Maker changed it??? I duno haha

The beginning is really dark cos' when I recorded it, it was daylight then I went to the movies and watched Despicable Me (IT'S SO FLUFFFFFFFY.. yeah that one-- Such a cute movie by the way!!!!!) Then I came back and recorded the intro :) LOL soz

Well here it is!

Geo Tri Color Grey
NP Set Palette
NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia
Maybelline Shadow Stylist in Contemporary White





see the difference? hehehe........



I'll do a review on these lenses later :)

I really like this look :) Really wearable!!!!!! 
And the palette price was such a steal $$$$ :D

Thanks for viewing!
Much love!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. oooh nice... your eyes are really big haha

  2. Alice the new bubzbeauty + Michelle Pham :L

  3. Umm that was so shit. Youre not even using the right brushes. There is a blending brush you know? You don't need to apply the first shadow again to blend. By the way, you're supposed to apply false lashes and then curl them.

    xx Rice Bunny

  4. yaaaaaaaay! First time hearing your voice! So cute^^
    love the tutorial girl! Good job and cuuute look ;)

  5. @Silkybow hahah thank you!
    @'RiceBunny' Thanks for the tip! It's ok, the outcome is what matters.
    @Dolce♥Bunny hahah awwwwww thank you! You're always so sweet :$

  6. hiii ♥
    ooh your eyes is big! hehe and i love your hair... more video please!! hehe

  7. hey thanks for ur comment on my blog! btw, you have really big eyes!

  8. so pretty alice ^^
    i have those contacts too, theyr my fave pair :)

  9. Alice! Wahjsakud! Well done on your first Make up tutorial on youtube! I loveddddddd it, seriously outstanding!

  10. @ipeishere aww ty! haha first compliment i've ever gotten on my hair LOL well there's 3 clipon extensions in haha
    and i will make more vids! after these dang exams haha
    @yan hehe thanks!
    @tezza thank you cutie! awww i love them! i just got them for fun and thought I wouldn't think much of them but like like loooove!
    @vivienne awwwww you are tooo too kind! hehe ♥

  11. Pretty look! =] You should make some more videos.

  12. hi love! the makeup im wearing in the first pic was chanel vitalumiere foundation...mac msf in gold deposit, mac groundwork paint pot with mulch shadow on top.. nyx liner and ardelle lashes. on the lip was stripdown lipliner and freckletone lip stick.
    The second look in the white dress was armani silk foundation, mac msf in gold deposit, mac liquid liner, and mac plum lipliner and chapstick. ( very basic look) xo hope this was helpful and thanks for following the honeybee!!!


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