Monday, June 20, 2011

Manly 180 Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches!

Hi, how are you all!

I've been using this palette on and off for about a year and I am in love with it! 
I'm surprised that I haven't even done a review on it yet!
I've actually used this palette in a majority of the looks I've posted up on here hehe
I think this was one of my first ever palettes I've bought!
Well I bought this, off ebay after seeing my sister recieve it in the mail! 
The brand name of it 'Manly' wasn't very appealing, but I bought it anyway since I didn't have much eyeshadows :) hehe! And I was super surprised when it arrived and I tested it out!

The eye shadow palette comes with two trays, each with 90 colours on them! 
The types of eye shadow they give are amazing, they have both shimmer and matte but more shimmers!

I don't really like shimmer but this palette was still fine for me hehe :)
i probably only have used 20 colours out of this whole palette, but I do like the variety! ehhe

The blue and green shades are gorgeous, but I just need to figure out how to apply it only my eyes :) 
(I've tried like twice! Fail fail)


At the time I bought it, it cost more but now I see it being sold for as low as $12 on ebay! 
They're probably not the same product, but I dunno hehe

* Contains all sorts of shades of the rainbow!!!!
* Shimmers and mattes
* Pigmented
* Vibrant

* All of the eye shadows are powdery, especially the shimmery ones
* Some of them aren't as pigmented as others, but it doesn't really matter ya just gotta have a primer on hand :)

*I bought it for $30 at the time, I see them for $15~20 at cheapest on eBay

But besides it being powdery, this eye shadow palette is amazing! 

It includes 6 marble eyeshadow shades! 
Hehe cool, I haven't used them yet... Not my type of colours 

One swipe and they're pigmented!

4 Most used!
First, I love this type of dusty pink! I think it looks gorgeous :) 

My 4 favourites, these four are amazingly pigmented!!!
I haven't really used these three but I love them!
The gold and blue is my faaavooouuurite! It's so vibrant!

I've used this palette in these looks:
Click the following images to go to the post :)

Using the Gold and Blue eyeshadows shown above + a bit of water :)

Would I recommend this? If you're looking for a palette that has a variety of colours to achieve many different looks and you don't mind some being not pigmented then, yes!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. i've seen this pallet around but never knew they were soooo pigmented! love the review! :)

  2. I have always wanted a multi_x1000 color palette like this but there are so many brands out there so I have no idea where to get it from. Now you can create MANY looks with this! It has such great color tradeoff from your pictures! Do you think the colors hold up well too? Great purchase :D!

  3. @Bunny hehe yeah, just figured I'd try it myself! I was really surprised too, hehe thank you!
    @Winnie Well I'm thinking of getting coastal scents since they are cheaper and come in bulk :) Some are better than others, so I guess it depends on the palette you get!

  4. OMG! I really want to get one. But I don't think I can get one of Ebay. Do you know of any other places that I can buy this palette? And the real Manly one no fakes please.

    p.s I live in new zealand so I don't have many options haha.

    Please Help me :)

  5. Sorry for the late reply :(! Sorry but I have absolutely no idea where you can buy it anywhere else... Try and find someone that you know who has Paypal and is willing to get it for you!!


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