Thursday, September 20, 2012

Colour Me In: Blue! Eyeshadow Tutorial


Once again, another post from the Colour Me In series and another eyeshadow tutorial!
I actually started with wanting to use other shades (white and purple) next to the blue before.... And recorded it... And it turned out to be a disaster. With 20 minutes til' I had to leave for work, I decided to stick to shades I was more comfortable with..

Starting with my bare face of course! (I woke up at 6:30 on this morning and slapped on some make up to record a video of the progress of growing green onions! Check out my post here)

I used my trusty Manly palette for this look. Never lets me down!

 1. Prime! Of course, I used my concealer all over my lids.

 With a blue shade,
 Apply to outer corners, eccentuating at the crease.

With a highlight,
 apply to inner corners and use it to blend

Line your eyes

Annnd done!

But really, all these looks that I strut in all my eyeshadow posts, I would not wear out haha.... They're just super fun to create!

Check out Tram's, Tez' n' Manda's posts for more blue goodness!


  1. So cute arsy hehe love how you paired it with your top too :D

    1. Woops that was me. Follow you on my private blog account too (before I made my current blog) and always forget to switch accounts when commenting hahaha

  2. Wow, this look looks so great! <3
    Thanks for the tutorial!


  3. wow that's cool, i love blue eyeshadows <3

  4. This is sooooo pretty! Your blending skills are awesome

  5. What a fun look. I love the blue!

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  7. Nice look, sweet smile


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