Thursday, November 1, 2012

Look: Halloween 2012

Oh boy.... Last October I had this awesome plan that next October I would come up with a halloween makeup look for the end of each week... That did not go through.

This morning, writing the date, I realised.... It's the last day of October. I rushed home after work (procrastinated with a few minecraft vids...) then got to work! Thirty minutes of daylight to spare before my pictures won't look as great.... -my flash on my camera stopped working :( boo hoo.

I was going to do a quick video tutorial on this but my camera battery was close to dead, nothing goes right for me...
Thirty minutes later, and this is what I came up with!

I'm not even sure what look I'm going for, I just wanted something dark and a bit dreary...

 Fighting against time.

 Bare face arsy

Makeup face arsy

Ombre lips going on

Black swept beneath my cheekbones for depth


Products used:
Daiso liquid liner in Black
NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk
Manly 120 eyeshadow palette
LA Colours Lippy in Black
ELES Micro Bubble Lippy in Microcranberry
NYX Single eyeshadows in Black and Root beer

I've made a food blog by the way, would love if you could check it out! 
Click the pic below :D


  1. You look really nice without your glasses. Hehe. The halloween look is awesome too!

  2. Love the dramatic liner and the lips! :)

  3. that little picture in the end is so cute!!!

    Sorry, I was supposed to comment something really awesome about your make up look! But then I saw you dancing with ....a dumpling? (What is itttt?) But um yes, I also thought I'd do an awesome halloween make up/costume for this year! ..but ...exams ..and lazy ... :( I like your lip idea! Looks like hmm ..frost bite ? Vampireyyy?

  5. AHAHAHAH omg, that picture for your food blog at the end of this post... lololol. SO funny! XD I love the ombre lips *A*

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