Friday, September 30, 2011

I Got Tagged: Lipstick Tag

After being tagged in May by Trammie, I've finally been able to actually do it :) haha
Thanks for the tag Trammie
And I shall begin....

Lipstick Tag

How many lipsticks do you have?

When you were a child, did you use your mother's lipsticks?
No! Considering my mum's reaction to my nails getting painted in year 4... I think if I ever did play with any cosmetics or nail polish of any kind I would have gotten smacked!

How old were you when you bought your first lipstick and what was it?
I actually bought my first lipstick when I first started this blog.... So last year in May :) When I was 17.... Haha. I bought two Revlon Colour burst lippies hehe, two for the price of one! 

What is your newest lipstick?
Sportsgirl Lippies in Fruit Tingle, Fushia Splash and Juicy Watermelon. Which were all gifts from Amanda!! She's so sweet aww I love all the colours :) 

The most expensive lipstick I have ever bought...
 Ummmm....... I think it was the MAC lipstick that I bought purely to get my pictures on photobucket up and running again (as mentioned in this post)  :| Haha $18 buckeroonies :)

And the cheapest?
I'm pretty sure it was the BYS and Ulta lippies, which were 2.99... or 3.99 each? I needed a red lippie for a party and I couldn't decide which one to get so I just grabbed every affordable one :p

What's the most bizarre thing you have done with a lipstick? No interesting stories here :( Haha I haven't done anything od with lipstick

If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why?
All of my lipstick are similar brands so I don't have much to compare to, so out of the ones I have I would only recommend the Sportsgirl lipsticks as unlike my other ones, their lippies actually last and aren't drying at all.

Pink or red lipstick?
On me, I'd prefer pink! But I'm starting to like red a lot more :)  Hmmm... I'm not sure haha

Favourite pink? I can't choose just one, so many!!! I'll choose 2... hehe
It'll have to be NYX in Tea Rose for a light pink and Sportsgirl Lippie in Juicy Watermelon for a bold pink!

Favourite nude? NYX in Circe definitely!!!!!!

Favourite red? NYX in Snow White which is a dark red and BYS in Crimson Joy which is a brighter red :)
A short review and swatch of both these products here

Favourite unusual shade? NYX in Power- A sort of Purple-ish pink nude shade and Sportsgirl Lippie in Fruit Tingle which is is a orangey-light pink shade

Favourite dark shade? The darkest shade I have is NYX in Snow White!

I tag the following bloggers:

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And I tag the rest of you!
Leave your link in the comment box if you do this tag :) I'd love to see your responses!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. Wooo thanks for the mention/tag! Now to go buy some lipsticks so I can blog about them...hahahaha. Love this post and I'm definitely going try out those sportsgirl lippies - they look divine!!

  2. It's so interesting to read about one's personal collection of cosmetics! Thanks for sharing it was really fun to read :D I can't believe you have 22 lipsticks!! I only have one because every time I buy a lip balm (or near lipstick) I always lose them haha.

    P.S - Your banner is really cute :D

  3. Cute lipstick tag haha ^__^
    Wow 22 lipsticks :o so many!!
    I think red tones looks good on Asian
    skin :)


  4. @Cindy Aw no worries babe! Can't wait to see your post :) They are!!!! You should try them out next time you go shopping!

    @Julie Hehe aww thank you! Yeah I was pretty surprised myself when I gathered all my lipsticks and counted them ahaha

    @Ice Pandora Aw thank you :) Me too! I think everyone can pull it off :)

  5. NYX lipsticks are my favessssssssss!! I will definitely be doing this! Thanks for tagging me Alice!! :D

  6. oooooh I'm totes gonna do this when I get time! Looks like funnnn!
    And I love those new sportsgirl lippies...they have such cute colours there!

  7. Jen- Not a problem Jen!!!! x

    Krissy- Hehe yay!!!
    You should try them out next time!


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