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Lady Jayne Volume & Length Hair Extensions Review

Hi! How are you all?

Well recently I received two products from Lady Jayne's hair extension range.

1x Length, 45cm 3 pack @ RRP $39.99
1x Volume & Length, 45cm @ RRP $49.99

These extensions are synthetic and are also available in medium brown, golden blonde, dark brown and black. With the use of these extensions, the product aims to provide you with the length and/or volume you desire.

What they say...
"Creating a new style is only a quick 'snap' away with these easy clip-in hair extensions, the perfect solution if you want to vary the colour accents or length of your hair without committing to permanent and expensive extensions."

 If you know me, you would know that I am obsessed with my hair! I whinge over every single strand that falls off my head and frown as I watch my hair get thinner and thinner day by day...

By the looks of my hair, I definitely need volume so I thought I would give these extensions a test run! 
Maybe these would be the answers to my hopes and dreams! 

Lady Jayne 45cm Volume Hair Extensions

The extensions came already curled in an elastic net.
It was actually very practical! It kept the product tangle and mess free

As advised by Lady Jayne: 
"Use Lady Jayne solid naturally weaved hair extensions which runs ear-to-ear to pump your hair with extra volume and length."

I've never touched synthetic hair before, I expected it to be rough and become tangled easily but these were completely different!

The curls were gorgeous but I never (successfully) curl my hair, 
so I straightened it!

Since they are synthetic, I kept below the limit of 210 degrees when straightening it.

The extensions for volume had so many layers of hair!

It was 30cm in width and had 10 layers with 7 clips to support it

The clips on the Volume extensions were much bigger and sturdier than the ones provided for the Lengthening extensions.

Holding the extensions was definitely heavy, I wasn't surprised considering the amount of layers!

The extensions reached to either sides of my head, I would find that if you had a smaller head this product wouldn't work for you. 

Wearing the Lady Jayne 45cm Volume Hair Extensions:



You can definitely see the difference in appearance, and for me... the weight! 
It was actually really heavy :( 
But I was able to achieve my desired look with these extensions...
If there's no pain, there's no gain right?

Lady Jayne 45cm Length Hair Extensions

The Lady Jayne 45cm Length Hair Extensions came in the same packaging as the Volume one.
There were Three pieces in this pack.

As advised by Lady Jayne: 
"Use these extensions to add a bit of volume, to add an under-layer of colour or add several layers to a short haircut. Place lower on the head for length or higher on the head to fill out a ponytail."

Upon opening both products, I noticed that the synthetic hair was really soft! The 'Length' product was much more softer than the 'Volume' one, I'm not sure if there was meant to be a difference in that...

Each clip was 45cms long, 6cms in width and had two small clips!

This product came already curled which I had to straighten.

I clipped these 3 pieces to the lowest layer of my hair.
Looking in the mirror, no difference was made at all!
My hair was much too long.

I was provided with the extensions in Black and it matched perfectly with my hair colour!
I wouldn't know how long these extensions would be sturdy for. Being synthetic and all, I'd expect for it to have not a very long life span.

I've only had human hair extensions before but those died pretty quick.
Lets just see how I go as I keep using the extensions for Volumising!

- Packaged in a hairnet for easy storage and to remain tangle free
- Simple to place on hair with the clips
- The extensions are soft
- Four shades available
- Available in two lengths for lengthening extensions, 30 and 45 cms

- The weight for the 'Volume' extensions are heavy
- Clips could be a bit larger for the lengthening extensions

Product: 3/5
Packaging: 5/5
Quality: 4/5
Price: RRP $39.99 - $49.99
Available at: Priceline, Leading Pharmacies and Big W

Would I recommend this product?
If you're looking for a quick and simple way to add length or volume to your hair, then this product is for you!

Would I repurchase this product?
Well for the extensions for volume I think that it is worth the price you're paying since it comes in many layers but the extensions are a bit heavy and may need a little while to get use to. If they were to come out with a volume range that had 2 separate layers to even out the weight, I think that would be even better... So if that happened, yes I would repurchase this!

As for the extensions for length, I would not repurchase this item. Paying $40 for 3 pieces of 6cm extensions   is not worth it at all to me.

Thank you for viewing!

xo, arsyparsy

This product was sent to me for consideration but has no way influenced my opinion, read further on my Disclosure Policy here.


  1. Aw. They look really nice on you, Alice! I've always been sketch about te synthetic extensions, but these blend in quite nicely & look natural! ^____^

  2. looks nice (:, i use to use hair extensions to add volume to my hair (:

    CMPang x

  3. Wow, you can definitely see the difference! I have the opposite problem to you - I need my hair to be thinner! *cries*

  4. Jen- Aw thank you, but I wish it wasn't so heavy!
    I was surprised myself!
    Yeah I think synthetic hair would be much more high maintenance, I hope I'm wrong though!

    Mai- Hehe ooo. I've always wanted extensions for volume :') I don't think I'd be using it on a daily basis though...

    Celeste- Ahhh! Lucky :'(
    I'd do anything to have voluminous hair :(((

  5. I'm glad that I have full thick hair and don't need extensions.
    Sometimes having lots of super thick hair is a pain in the butt,
    but I just can't ever imagine paying so much for some hair extensions.


  6. hmm I've always been a bit iffy about hair extensions, it seems slightly freaky to have a head of fake plastic hair attached to your head...but nomnomnom volumeeee <3

  7. Cindy- Hehe yeah, and they're kinda high maintenance too :(
    I wish I had natural thick hair! Dangit!

  8. Wow these look so cute. I've always wanted to try them but I am afraid it would take lots of time to take care of. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Thu- Aw your hair looks fine as it is!
    I don't think you need them at all! And it does!! :(
    Not a problem x

  10. yay your from australia! :) awesome review too, your so honest! I've never had extensions but I wore a wig once and it was kinda heavy yet there wasn't much hair on it, that must be soo heavy D: is the wig too shiny in your opinion? I really want to get clip on fringes but they are too shiny Dx

  11. Caroline- Awww I love bloggers from Australia!
    Ohhh thank you :) I wouldn't want other people wasting their money on products unless I thought it was amazing!
    Yes it was heavy!!! I put it on incorrectly at first and I was going to cry LOL.
    I don't think it's shiny at all! I believe that it blends surprisingly well with my hair colour!
    Awww that's a shame :(. I bought a plaited hairband before and it was SOO obviously fake!!!!! Mine was super shiny Haha

  12. Those hair extensions looks really beautiful 

  13. my hair is thick, i want it too be longer, is this product for me, andf are those the australian prices??

  14. Hi Courtney!

    Yes these are Australian prices :) If you're looking to have longer hair, they have a lengthening range which I have reviewed above. The hair extensions I reviewed are super soft and can stand heat up to 210 degrees which is excellent compared to other synthetic hair extensions. But the downside is that I'm not too sure about how long it'd last... I have tried human hair extensions but it got ratty and tangled after about 15 uses, I'd say the product I reviewed is just like human hair extensions except I think that it'd be hard to wash...!

  15.  for a simple hair extensions, that looks really heavy. though it also gives justice to your new look. keep on blogging! i love your posts and reviews :)

  16. What's the length of the 45cm ones when they are straight??

  17. Well the volume ones were heavy, I thought they should have been divided into parts. The length ones are fine though!

  18. Thanks for giving us your honest opinion. I'm glad your from Australia. My birthday is next weekend and Iam currently looking around for hair extensions. Luxy hair extensions are too expensive and Im not sure about their shipping and all but came across lady jaynes hair extensions for only $50? That's great and way cheaper!! Lol. Anyway would you say they look natural with layered hair? Thank you xox

  19. I got mine today i abslutly love then id upload a photo but i dont know how too <3

  20. Hey, thanks for this it really helped :)
    A question (for anybody) does anybody know where I can find a dark brown, 45cm, length, lady jayne hair extensions? I tried searching EVERYWHERE XP


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  23. Wow! Nice hair extensions you have there. I can see just how much hair volume you can create with just a simple extension. It's worth getting them done, especially for special events like weddings and dinner functions.

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