Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nicki Minaj Inspired Eyeshadow Look + Tutorial

How are you all?! ☺

I clicked on Nicki Minaj's twitter page the other day because of her cute little vibrant twitcon.... and was over the moon!!! 
I had to try it!

My take:


Practically twins huh? I'm her asian sister from down under k.

If you watch her music videos she has a new look in practically every scene! I love how bold all her looks are! She's a clever little bean :')


Step 1.
Use a primer all over your lids then apply a white base where you want the turquoise to extend to, preferably up to your crease (I used Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk) 
Keep in mind that you should have it even with the length of your liquid liner.. So you don't want it going too far!

Step 2.
Slap on that turquoise! You want to pack it on!
My shade was too light :( I don't have a colour the shade of minaj's

Step 3.
Line your eyes with liquid liner

Step 4.
Stick on some lashes!
 I cut my thicker lashes up and piled them up to look more chunky.

Step 4. 
Lipstick and we're done :)!

Initially, I used NYX in Power + Sportsgirl Lippie in Fushia Splash
I was really suprised how vibrant it was in real life but in images it was soooo nude-ish!

I had no other lipsticks similiar....

So I thought......

"What would Nicki Minaj do :3?" (WWNMD lol)

So I just grabbed any bold lipstick and used it instead.....
Much better...

Australis Lippie in Flamenco

Australis Lippie in Flamenco
Australis Eyeshadow Primer
Manly 180 Palette
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
FOA Mineral Therapy Bronzer Pearls
NYX Blush in Peach

My eye shadow was demolished after this look.... Got a bit excited :(

My camera wasn't cooperating with me tonight. I had to take a million (like 4..) blurry photos to get just ONE clear picture! Dangit!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for viewing!


  1. Wow you did a good job recreating Nicki's look! The blue is so bright and actually stands out. I understand why your eyeshadow died lmaaao ~~~

  2. so barbie and bold! you did a great job girly!

  3. Love the look! Have you seen the youtube vids of the little girls singing Nicki Minaj? probably have, it's gone viral!

  4. @Gerry Hehe aw thank you Gerz, haha boooo yeah :(

    @Soph NS

    @Amanda Hehe thank you cutie!

    @Cindy Ty Cindy! Yes! Haha cutest thing ever!

  5. awww ur so cute alice, i miss u <3

  6. Looks awesome. I think you can really close with the colours, looks like you used the same makeup as her!
    Grace xx

  7. hey girl, thanks for commenting on my blog! I just followed you! If you like my blog, don't hesitate to follow me =) thanks!!

  8. great tutorial ! (: really daring colours!

    CMPang x

  9. So pretty! I would definitely rock this look :D

  10. LOL you crack me up girlie!
    I liked the recreated look & I loved reading all your commentary, haha ;D

    WWNMD? <--- that's a new one! lol


  11. @Monica Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
    I miss you too aw aw :$ ty :3

    @Grace I was actually surprised myself!
    Thank you :)

    @An Not a problem x!

    @Mai It's a pretty combination right?!

    @Tina Marie It's amazing how wearable it is right!
    I thought it'd make me look like a freak haha

    @Dana Awww I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!
    Hehe thank you for reading <3!

  12. I really like this look! Great job.

  13. Novice- Thank you so much!
    Maybe you should try it one day :D


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