Friday, October 21, 2011

Lust have it! ABBW Pack


Along with recieving so many amazing goodies from ABBW, we recieved a Lust have it! Pack especially created for the Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend :') 
This pack was created by Nicci with the contribution of many fantastic and generous brands!

I was incredibly excited when I found this is our stack of goodies after seeing many American bloggers post about similar packs that they have over there (like Birchbox and Hautebox), I was disappointed that us Australians didn't have one!

Only recently I had found out that Australia does have this service! Quite a few actually.

Well... What are these packs?
Subscribers pay $15~ every month to receive filled with 5-6 mysterious goodies that come in sample sizes, it's like Christmas every month! The products received will all be for beauty use of course.

What's the point?
Ever wanted to trial a bunch of products in the comfort of your own time and space? Well these packs make it easier for you, coming in just the right sample sizes you're bound to find something suitable for you!

What's inside?

What are they?

  1. EGF- Bioeffect @ RRP $180.00/15ml: Described as an 'anti-ageing serum' which aims to achieve skin hydration, complexion and younger skin by reducing the rate in which it replaces old cells with new ones. 
  2. I love my Muff @ RRP $31.75/25 pack: Feminine wipes containing extracts of cucumber, chamomile flower, Vitamin E and lavender which are vegan and 100% free of parabens which come in  convenient packs to freshen yourself whenever needed. 
  3. Coconut Milk Shower Gel - Pure Fiji @ RRP 27.95/250ml: Derives from coconut and sugar cane which claims the rejuvenate and replenish skin by gently brightening and cleansing impurities on your skin.  
  4. Elixir Ultime- Keratase @ RRP $48.50/125 ml: Inspired by ancient traditions and modernised with the key ingredients of Maize, Argan, Camellia and Pracaxi
  5. Skin Hydrating Mask- Dermalogica @ RRP $70.00/50ml: Claims to restore moisture to skin with the use of clamin cotanical antioxidant vitamins
  6. Foundation Primer- Laura Mercier @ RRP $65.00/50ml: Used to prime skin creating and smooth and even surface for foundation prepared to last all day 
  7. Rejuventating Hand Polish @ RRP $39.95/40ml: Exfoliates and moisturises you skin with the help of almond oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and aloe vera 
  8. Secret Weapon Mascara- Mirenesse @RRP $39.95/10gm: Claims for a waterproof, smear/smudge proof and flake free all day wear
  9. OPI @RRP $19.95: Shades which capture an attitude of comfortable glamour, charismatic and wearable elegance.
Would I re-purchase any of these products?
I was going to talk about the affordability of each product... But then I would be talking about each and every one! So I'm going to say this overall. My pocket isn't too steep, only being a student and all with no job. I would not re-purchase any of these products, as I don't really envy any besides the OPI. So I would buy any of these products if it was a special occasion and...the price range wasn't as ridiculous. 

Would I subscribe?
No I would not, I think it's pointless for me to subscribe. I believe the price being $15 a month being worth it but if they're going to send me products like this every month. Swooning over it... then look at the price tag......... I would just be heartbroken. Also, the only make up I'm interested in at the moment are eye makeup, lipstick, nail polish, blush and some other things related. I am not interested in anti ageing products, hand creams or shower gels and all that sort. I want to receive items that are actually useful for me!

Well thank you for viewing as always and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. hahah I had a slight giggle at your answers to the questions. too true! they should have one for older women and one for us younger people!! stuffed full of actual make-up goodies :D

  2. @Cindy Hehe aw :) Yeah I think it's kind of odd!
    They should have one specifically for a certain market!
    But at the same time I think that'd be costly :p

  3. hi hun, thanks for sharing your thoughts..
    i am so happy to be back, thought i'm still catching up on blog comments as well as posts..

    seriously, glad to know you.. love your blog!
    thanks again for the greetings! *Hugs*

  4. Diane- Aww thank you so much for your kind message!
    The same to you <3! I hope you;re doing well!!

  5. Greetings Alice!

    What wonderful products for only $15 dollars a month! Sounds like a wonderful bargain! But I can imagine all the products that you would accumulate over the months and where to store them! Sounds like a nightmare to me! hehe.

    Btw, you have wonderful make-up tutorials. :P

  6. Alice- Awwww hi!
    Haha yeah, that's what I think too!
    I already have too much things crammed in my room to have anymore :p
    Thank you so much, glad you've enjoyed them <3!


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