Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review + Swatches: Ulta3 Nailpolish in Blue Marlin, Mermaid Green, Sunset Pink and Orchid


For the past week I've been trying out these Ulta nail polishes from ABBW.

My camera is doing a horrible job at capturing the actual colours of these shades... They're all a lot darker irl!

Shades of the bunch...
Blue marlin: Royal blue shade
Mermaid green: A more dark/greenish version of jade
Sunset pink: Dark magenta pink
Orchid: Metallic dark purple shade

All of them took 2+ coats to show up besides Orchid!
Orchid is my favourite of the bunch :)

In daylight

My camera has horrible quality :( I can't wait until I save up enough to buy a new one!

2 days later, wearing off without a topcoat

The nail polishes we received are different from the other Ulta3 polishes I've bought. 
The lid (?) is different! I quite like it better, even though it's a minor change.

Top row are the older ones, front row are the newer ones!

I've previously done a review on Ulta3 nail polishes before, here

* Inexpensive ($2)
* Sold in quite a few places near me!
*Brush makes it easy to apply
*Dries quick

* Chips/wears quick

I can't comment on the range of colours they have right now because I haven't checked it out recently.

The price you're paying for this nail polish is worth it! It's only $2, it's way less than what you would pay for other nail polishes available in your local pharmacy so why not.

Would I repurchase?

xo, arsyparsy


  1. $2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous. The cheapest nail polish in Perth is like $6 from pharmacies :( and the colours are so pretty too! *sigh*

  2. such pretty colours, i love blue marlin!
    Grace xx

  3. pretty colours! i'm a big fan of ulta3 polishes myself :D


  4. @Cindy They're cheap aren't they! Aw maybe they'll hit Perth soon!!!

    @Grace, Jenny & Jenny You should! I bet since they've come out with these new ones, there'll be even more! I can't wait to check it out myself :)


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