Sunday, August 19, 2012

OPI Mod About You - Swatch + Review

I don't think I've ever squished so many pictures of the same set of nails in my (blogging) life...
Hi! Last weekend I attended Spa & Beauty Expo with Trammie!
It was a great day filled with so many goodies around... Including a bottle of OPI I purchased after looking for a pink pastel shade. I was excited to make use of the polish since I had also purchased a base coat (finally)- (plump lil green bottle pictured: here)! 

OPI's Mod About You

 I felt like I stole Nicki Minajinz' tips

 And of course the basic OPI brush

 Three layers!

 I still don't have a top coat so I always use Australis' holographic polish for top coats.. Which explains the speckles

The shade matches my pink mouse!!!

I've always been hesistant with OPI's pastels since using their Gargantuan Green Grape... But this went surprisingly well! After my first coat, it looked absolutely streaky, but two more coats and it was perfect!

My nails lasted three days! Pretty good since I'm pretty violent with everything I get in contact with.

I'm pretty sure you'd already know of a place that stocks OPIs!


  1. The pastel pink colour is really cute! Perfect for pretty, but fun nails~

  2. I love your nail shape Arsy! Shade looks great on you! Show us the blue-ish shade you bought soon@@@@ !

  3. Ahh thats my fave pink ever :D love it.

  4. Such a lovely shade of pink! More than a nude but less than something too overwhelming. Excellent choice!

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