Thursday, November 10, 2011

NYX Round Lipsticks in Power, Fig and Jupiter Swatches


In this post I'll just be swatching Power, Fig and Jupiter to show you what it looks like against my skintone!

Click here for an overall review of NYX Lipsticks.

Swatches as are according in the photo above.

With flash:

Without flash:

L>R Power, Fig and Jupiter

These lip swatches will go as according to the arm swatches.

Lipstick name and notes on the shade are listed.

Top: With flash
Bottom: Without flash

Power: A nude pinkish/purple, this shade can look very overwhelming if too much is applied so it is advised that you dab some off with a tissue (example.... when I wore it to my formal.)

Fig: A pinkish-mauve

Jupiter: A shimmery pink. I don't particularly like this one.

Wearing Power (1st swatch)

I hope these swatches are helpful to you! 
Please check my review here to see if these lippies are for you!

Thanks for viewing :)

xo, arsyparsy


  1. Fig looks really lovely! where do you get your NYX lippies from? cosmetics plus?

  2. Tegan- I bought all my NYX products from Cherry Culture!
    But the shipping is abit of a rip off and makes it now worth it... For lippies it's cheaper if you buy it off eBay!!! :)

  3. Your lipsticl swatches are seriously helpful! I am already having a few shades in mind.

    I really hope that Sophie gets well soon to continue partying with us. Hate it when a close friend is sick or depressed. It makes me feel sick and depressed.

    I've tagged you in my latest post btw~ You don't have to complete it or anything, just letting you know that you've been chosen, eheh! ♥

  4. I don't think I could pull of "Power" as well as you but I can't help but be drawn to that shade the most.

  5. Gerry- Aw yay!! I'm so glad it's helpful to you gergers ♥!
    Awww yeah me too :( It sucks that she's unwell. She's spending less time talking to me on msn >_> I hope she's well in time for kpop! She's been looking forward to it!
    Yay <3 I love tags!!!

    Che- It can look VERY overwhelming if I apply it outside my lip line :(
    But it's a lovely shade, very different!

  6. hey Alice! is it safe to pay for uninsured/untracked shipping from cherry culture? or have you always paid the extra for tracking..

  7. Anon- Hi!!! Well I've always had my fingers crossed and paid for the uninsured one because I'm stingy like that....
    But every time I have ever ordered items with out tracking (like eBay) my item has never gotten lost!
    But it's up to you though if you just want to have a piece of mind and pay the extra!

  8. I'm in love with fig! haha in reply to your comment OMG I DO THAT TOO! I convince myself I'm being hipster by taking super-close-ups of everything and then when I transfer them onto my laptop they're all blurry == I'll come visit you if I'm ever over east! I promise I'm not some serial killer hahahah


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