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Review: The Face Shop Black Head EX Nose Clay Mask

I purchased this item off eBay for quite a steal while looking for blackhead removal products, it also came with 2 samples of other Korean products! But the listing for the seller I got it off isn't available so I'll link other listings that have free shipping too!
I've always used Biore's strips for my blackheads but I found it kind of complicated to use since once you put it down, you can't remove it and it had only achieved 50% of what I wanted. 

When I had the time (and found the product in my mess of a room) I finally got a chance to try it out!
I've seen one of TheFaceShop's store in Sydney but I had never gone inside! But I'm guessing it's a big Korean brand, since it has spread out to Australia.

I hardly read the details on eBay listing so the bottle was smaller than I expected being about 13cm and 50g of product.

Product information from Sasa:
"The Face Shop Black Head EX Nose Clay Mask is a peel off mask that is designed for deep cleansing and dissolve blackheads. Contains Mulberry, Coix Seed and black rice extracts, which has anti-aging properties, leaving skin shine with healthy glow, youthful and supple."

How to use:
1. Apply Nose Clay Mask to your nose with full coverage.
Spread it thickly. If you spread it too thin, it couldn’t be work.
2. Wait 10~15 minutes for the mask to dry.
3.  Peel it off bottom to top against the skin.
Rinse your nose thoroughly with water.
(source: here)

 I love reading information about the product I'm going to use :( Shame.

Sealed with plastic

Foil bit to peel off 

 I washed my hands and began to squeeze it out of the bottle. It was a really thick and sticky texture, it had a floral fragrance with a tinge of some kind of fruit.

I spread 2 thick layers across my nose, I was being a bit paranoid so I think I spread on more than I needed.  After applying, wait 10~15 minutes until the entire mask hardens.

Peel it against your skin, top to bottom. Wash your face of any parts of the mask still left over.  Peeled off, and lucky for you my camera can't capture all the gunk.  

After I peeled it off, as usual, my nose had felt super smooth and all of the blackheads on the very sides and tip of my nose had come off. I surprisingly didn't feel any pain besides the mask tugging from my skin, oppose to the Biore which hurt really really bad! But your experience with it may be different from mine.

Product: 4.5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Quality: 4.5/5
eBay @ $4.50~.70USD
(Two listings: here & here)
Sasa @ $9.00
I took a shower before applying the clay mask to open up more pores and just washed my face with cold water since I don't have a toner or pore minimiser. 

Even though the tube is pretty small, I see about 15 uses out of it which is so much more cheaper than using the strips that come 6 in a pack for $5!

Would I recommend this product?
Yes! Just remember to use steam to open up your pores first or it won't work! I think this is an awesome mask compared to the strip ones since sometimes the strip ones still leave the stubborn black heads, using this product you can just go over those stubborn blackheads by spreading the mask over any part of your skin and it'll be gone once you peel it off!

Would I repurchase?
Yes! I looove it and it's so cheap!


  1. This looks interesting! I find that the strips don't really do anything for me...

  2. Omg the Biore ones are so SO painful! I tried one on my boyfriend once and he couldn't believe that girls would actually do that for...well not much result :P I'm actually going to buy one of these now (yay) so thanks for the review :D

  3. Ohh I have this! I bought it maybe two years ago though.. I wonder if it's still safe to use?! I tried it once then totally forgot about it (I don't think I used enough cos mine didn't harden haha). Hmm I normally use Biore pore strips (they don't hurt for me :)) but I may give this another try!

  4. Oh yay there is a FaceShop near me -  I'm gonna grab this!

  5. Hey thats nice and easy... i hate going in parlors and spend time there, i like doing it at home...

  6. this product looks like the one from Daiso xD

    feel free to join my camwhore contest. :
    and current giveaway:

  7. Oooh, interesting review! I think I might try it as well!I have a The Face Shop cleanser which I've yet to use, but it's really similar in packaging, ahah. Saw the thumbnail for this post in my feed and thought you were reviewing a cleanser from the line as well, lol.

  8. I'm going to have to try this. I have some super stubborn blackheads on my nose. I used a Boscia Pore Strip recently and it only removed 2-3 blackheads, and it ripped skin off both sides of my nose that took a couple weeks to heal! This looks so much more effective and gentle. Thanks for the links to the ebay sales!

  9. Awww what ouch! That's horrible! Not a problem :D 

  10. Oooh, yeah I just discovered they have quite a few products with the same packaging! (Different fruits and stuff)

    It's so cheap too :D How's the cleanser for it?

  11. And I think it'd be much more affordable! :D Thanks for visiting!

  12. Check which one's cheaper first! The eBay one or the one instore, I think it retails for double the price!

  13. I hope so! I do that all the time too, buy products then forget about it ahha

    When I first used it I was very cautious to put thick layers! Okie!

  14. Haha yeah, the first time I tried Biore I was so confused why it hurt so much! 

    Yay okie :D:D Tell me how it goes!

  15. Yeah me neither, And the strips are kind of awkward too how it shapes around your nose so most of the time I can't focus on removing blackheads from the corners!

  16. Oooh! I should check that place out!

  17. Ooooh only $4.50!!!! I'm adding this to my shopping list! 
    The Biorre strips didn't work for me, so hopefully this will do wonders on me :D

  18. Yah! Bargains right!!? Me too!!! 

  19. Haha, yeah, different fruits! I haven't tried the cleanser yet, but I'll let you know if I think it's fab~

  20. This product looks amazing! The biore strips always hurt me :/ I'll definitely have to pick this up next time I'm shopping around online! 

  21. This looks really interesting (:  i think i need to purchase and check this out. thanks for sharing! 
    CMPang x

  22. I used this product n I applied it even thicker than yours but it doesn't work

    1. Oh! That's unfortunate. How did it not work for you? Did it not harden or did it just not pull out any blackheads for you?

  23. I use Biore's nose strips too (but only abt once a month since I don't want to use up all the strips heheh i'm cheap ;D) so this is perfect for me! Definitely has more uses than Biore's. I'm definitely trying it. Great review!


    1. Biore strips are so expensive! I'm being pretty scarce with mine hahaha! Yay I hope this works well for you :D

  24. Hello~
    Okay, so I think I'm going through a problem.
    I bought this product, and I've tried it TWICE, but it ends up not working for me :c
    I'll put on two thick layers of the product onto my nose, but while it dries, it cracks D:
    So I can't really peel it off, and the blackheads stay there.
    Do you know what I should do? :c

    1. Hi!!! Sorry for the delay :( I have no internet access at home!
      Mine has never cracked! That's so odd.
      Hmmm, is it because you apply to product while your skin is wet?

    2. Oh, no it's alright! As long as you replied. (:
      but it IS odd. I don't know what I'm doing wrong... :/
      No. My skin is dry o:
      But.. I'm going to try again tonight. I haven't used it in awhile :/

  25. hi nice review ^^ i gotta try this someday! :D
    just followed you :) nice blog

    1. Yay! I hope it works for you as well as for me!!

  26. wow, thanks for the review girl!
    Now i know why it doesnt work for me..
    I applied too much clay mask LOL
    Now I'll use only abit just like yours

    1. Awww!!! I'm glad it helps!!!! It's what I blog for :D Not a problem!

  27. I have this stuff and LOVE it!!!
    It is quick, cheap, painless, and effective!! I usually just get my boyfriend to do it cause he always has juicy blackheads! I'm the lucky one and do not... however his peel is always FULL.
    Yes.. I am weird that way...
    Anyways.. I always forget how long to keep it on for because the instructions aren't in english but thank you for posting them on this page! Now I have them!

    1. Thanks for visiting my page!! I'm glad you enjoyed your posts!
      Haha, lucky you for not having blackheads!!

  28. Great review!
    Love thefaceshop in sydney :)
    Btw im from Sydney too~~

    1. Thanks love! Yes - it's always so nicely presented ^_^


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