Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blogger Kris Kringle Package Received!

This Kris Kringle was organised by the lovely Melody and Jennifer for bloggers around Australia.
I was super excited to join but was hesitant at the same time because I am the worse gift-giver ever!
But since they had provided categories of what type of presents we would like to recieve.. It made it so much easier! Well I ticked off that I wanted makeup and food/snacks :D

Well this morning the mailman dropped a package at my door step...

It was a box! I knew it was from my Kris Kringle :3
I was so excited to know who my KK was!!!!!!!

After cutting off the layers of tape and reading the card and handwritten message...
Eeee!!!!!!!!!!!! So many cute stuff!

Awwww she wrote a letter! She is most positivelyyyy the sweetest!
And look at that sparkly card! Naw.

As soon as I read the letter I hopped on the comp to look at her blog!
It turned out to be Twee! Awww what a surprise since I recently started following her :)

She had packed quite a few goodies in the box :)
She said that she picked the snacks that she liked most!

I was so suprised when I saw these snacks!!!
They looked so cute!!
Snacks that I would see around but would never buy :p
The green box one is my favourite!!!! I haven't eaten it in ages :D
I haven't tried the small packet peach one or the one on the right before..
I'm guessing it'd taste like hello panda!
I'm sick at the moment so I can't munch on these yet :(

Beauty products:
I was so excited when I saw the face mask!! I've always wanted to try it out.. But I was always unsure on which one to try :( And here is my chance!!! :D
I'm super excited to try out the eyeshadow, it has so many vibrant colours! I really like the blue one!!!
The lashes are in such cute packaging, I've never had lashes that looked so natural before :D
I totally think that she read my mind when she bought the liquid liner.... It's a product I use non stop!!! Yay for backups :)

Cute accessories:
 I was squealing when I saw the decoration kit! I've always seen them online... Now I have one of my own!
The HK clip and Anna Sui inspired mirror keychain are adorable!!

Twee handpicked all my ideal gifts I would ever want to receive!
I honestly think that she read my mind.... Some how....

Thank you so much Twee! ♥♥♥
I can't wait to use everything!!!!!!!! 
SO so sososoosososo excited!

And thank you Melody & Jen for organising this blogger KK!



  1. She chose yummy snacks! My mate and me use to go cabra to buy those peach lollies all the time! :D
    Nail decos look so coooool! You gotta blog about them later!

  2. So jealous of everything you got!

  3. Yah! I'm so excited to eat them all! Hehe oooh! I've never seen them before!

    Yeah and they're so pretty with so many types! I will if I succeed to make it look nice!

  4. Eee I love them all!!! SO cute!!!!!!!

  5. Aww you received awesome presents!
    It seems that this KK has been a success ..and I do believe we shall repeat it again next year :DD ! Thanks for participating :3

  6. I love those lashes! They look quite natural~

  7. wow~ looks like so much goodies! so much fun! 

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  8. wauwww, so many nice goodiessss <3 !!!

  9. Awwww I definitely want in on blogger KK next year hehe although I've been following all of you guys for like a year, I only just made my own blog a month ago! So definitely next year, looks so fun! :D

  10. Wow! Looks like a great box. I've tried those face masks before, and I love them! 

  11. LOVE IT!!

  12. Yay! I'm excited for the next one hehe

  13. I've never owned a pair of lashes like these! So pretty!

  14. Yay, join!!!! Aw I'm glad you got in on blogging :D ♥

  15. Wauww that is great!

    xx from the NetherlandsTwitter: @Mouniaaa20

  16. What a great initiative! I love receiving cards and presents by postal mail and it seems we never do much of that anymore! Yayy for nice gifts!!! Happy New Year!

  17. Wow! you got sooo many awesome stuff!! 
    I really wanted to join it but I was not in Aus :(
    I love how everything is soooo pink!!! <3 <3 <3


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