Monday, March 12, 2012

Jazzing Up a Pair of Earrings into a Necklace

Just a post to show you all my most recent creation hehe
I usually post my DIY's on wonderarsy but decided to move them to here instead hehe.

Two years ago I went through a horrible phase where I just kept buying earrings and bangles. I was obsessed with pieces with leaves, birds and flowers! I never ever used any of them ever! So there sat and grew my stash of things-I’ve-bought-but-never-used-and-don’t-think-I-ever-will (Yes I have one of those collections… but that’s another story.)

The other day I sat staring at my box of things-I’ve-bought-but-never-used-and-don’t-think-I-ever-will and thought.. I should make a necklace out of one of these pieces!

Pulling out all the earrings I had collected, I picked out these pair of earrings I had purchased two years ago from Gloss…

And envisioned a little necklace.
So, out came my chains, pliers, eyepins and jumprings and crafting away I went.
Taking it apart and gathering all the pieces I needed.

I bent it through the little lines and hooked it on. Yay! Perfect!

I attached a chain and voila. A pair of earrings I would have left collecting dust in a box for many years to come, made in to a neat necklace :D

Wearing it below hehe
Myself & Mandy (She just recently made a blog, checck it!)

(This is the same image I used in my demi-lashes tutorial…. I know that!!)

Yay! Thanks for dropping by!


  1. you are so freaking creative it makes me jealous sometimes!

  2. o-la-la this is sooo pretty! you see these on asos for like $500 and HERE YOU ARE! ps. no idea you had a whole other blog! to stalk haha

  3. You are so creative Alice! Turning earrings into a lil statement necklace. Ingenious! O_O

  4. Oh heyyy, that's pretty neat! I was wondering how you'd incorporate the two earring pieces into one necklace, and whoa, looks great!

  5. this is GENIUS!! haha nice job in transforming the earrings into a necklace. It looks so pretty :)

  6. That is gorgeousss!
    I wish I was that crafty to do something like this :P

  7. Oh wow, what a clever idea! :D Thank you for sharing, and it looks much simplier than ones I'm stumbled on other blogs too :)

  8. This necklace is so nice!!!

  9. your necklace! gosh you're so creative! <3

  10. omg this is so pretty! your are so creative!

  11. really cool(:


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