Thursday, August 9, 2012

Colour Me In: Pink - Sportsgirl's Beauty Bombshell

Technology hates me and I temporarily don't have the two loves in my life right now (My camera and phone)
Whats up! Thursday has come around again which means another series of posts by your beloved bloggers,  TezzaTramAmanda and I!

Last week our colour was red! Kick back and check out our posts for last week where I blogged about dazzling up red nails, Tez and her cute lil ombre swatchicles and Amanda's and Trammie's collection of red lipsticks!

Okay so, each week we will be bringing you a new shade and a post with products from our collection featuring that shade! This week's colour is pink! Ohhhh, pink! My absolute favourite shade in lipsticks, whenever I walk past a lipstick stand, my eyes straight away search for that gorgeous baby pink.

A month ago, a girl pranced into work with a gorgeous pink on her lips, curious as to what lipstick she was wearing, and I think the start to a lot of my random conversations, 'What lipstick are you wearing?'

It was Sportsgirl's Beauty Queen. Oh I know Sportsgirl has an amazing bunch of lipsticks, I was gifted a few  of the bold ones from Amanda almost a year ago and have worn them every time I felt as though my outfit was a bit dull.

So I skipped my way up the escalators in Burwood Westfields and walked into Sportsgirl. 

This sweet lil lippie for $9.95? Why not!

 I love the packaging of their lippies! That little bulb at the base featuring a drop of their lipstick.

 *Wind it up
My hands were really cold so it was incredibly hard not to stop shaking, whoops

 One swatch

 Ahhhh you gorgeous thing!

 So natural looking, perfect balance!

Why I love it:
- Gorgeous shade
- Applies nicely

- Not so good if you have dry lips

My verdict:
It doesn't last too long which I think would be a problem to a lot of people. It is quite creamy so what do you expect! I usually have a problem with lipsticks where it accentuates my peeled and chapped lips, this was an in-between for me. Although, if Sportsgirl were to have another lipstick of this formula, I would not buy it.

Pricing and Available at:
 $9.95 @ Sportsgirl

Au reviour cuties!
Stay tuned for next our next Colour Me In Thursday!


  1. Prettty! I'm really enjoying this series and curious to know what you girls come up with for colours like green, blue etc!

    1. Aw qt Sue Poo! Me too! It's super exciting to see the other girls posts!

  2. so pretty and you look nice as well girl

  3. Very cute. I love this shade of pink

  4. Aw that colour is pretty! ... but not so great for dry lips as u said! :P
    what does it smell like? random question but i love lip products that smell

    1. Hi Krissy! Haha you cutie, well oddly enough, it has no scent at all- none of their lipsticks do!

  5. I can spy the tamagotchi on your door handle.


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