Thursday, September 27, 2012

Attending IMATS 2012, the make-up wonderland.

Attending IMATS last year.... I was no where near prepared. From the clothes I wore to the super human strength that was required ludging around all those bags.... But this weekend, I'm pretty confident to say - I got this!

IMATS, standing for International Makeup Artist Trade Show is a wonderland for makeup frenzy beings like myself. It is an event covering two days - September 29th and 30th 2012 - where makeup artists, students and exhibitors showcase their work and products. The days are scheduled with live makeup demos along with an incredible opportunity to purchase products at a (usually) discounted price.

A few things I wish I knew last year...

  1. Check the weather. Expect bipolar weather regardless of how certain you are, wearing a short sleeved top and a skirt will not suffice
  2. Do your research. Check out the list of exhibitors, filter through out reviews and swatches, spam open those many tabs on your web browser and figure out what you want to buy! 
  3. Save, save save! Even after selling my dq ticket last year, I still only had $30 to spend. Ridiculous!
  4. Remember your camera. Take lots of pictures.... you have to! Being the forgetful Alice I am, of course I had to leave my camera at home! 
  5. Bring snacks... A lot of them. 
  6. Check out all they have to offer!  Check out the schedule for this weekend and organise your day accordingly (but I'm leaving that up to Trammie as usual hehehehehe).

Of course, I'll be attending the Sydney IMATS on the Saturday. Tickets are available here.

I hope to bump into some of you there!

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