Friday, July 5, 2013

Video: No Mirror Challenge


I created this video a while ago... (January 2013) just before I was going to head off to Manda's 21st! Haha - funniest thing, while I was taking pictures of my not very nice finished results, Tez said she was going to be down in five minutes!!!! I have never rushed so fast in my life.

Creating my daily makeup routine with out a mirror *giggles*.

HD me please! 

And windows movie maker hates me clearly.

It was quick and fun hehe - I think I did a terrific job with my lipstick hehe.
I think ya'll should have a go at it.

Thanks for viewing! Au revoir my sweet peas.


  1. Wow you did a full make-up, even eyeshadows! And I cringed when you did your eyeliner!!

  2. yo did alright... except for maybe part of the eyes :P.. your LIPSTICK is really good though!

  3. I'm the worst when it comes to doing makeup without a mirror! Congrats for getting it done, a full-face and even the eye makeup too!!

  4. You did quite well just the eyeliner bit hehe :) x

  5. Lol, loved watching this! C: Congrats on getting this done, and the lip part was awesome!

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  6. You did surprisingly well! I thought you were being sarcastic. I gotta say, there are people who use a mirror and do a worse job than what you've done :P I see them at work in front of the mirrors in the toilets...

  7. Is it normal for people to look so gorgeous even when their eyeliner is not perfect!? omg you're so pretty even without makeup! ^-^
    And waaa you have a tongue piercing! I want it so badly but my mom wouldn't allow me lol aish

  8. You did a pretty good job without a mirror! :)

  9. You did an excellent job! ^__^

  10. You did a great job! :)

    Kalyn @ The Scenic Route

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