Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nail Art: Pastel & Dots with FOA

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The difference in a nail look by just adding specks of glitter! This is an easy peasy look. Here I added orange hexagonal glitter pieces as an accent on my ring finger. I used Face of Australia's Orange You Glad You Came? and Castle in the Sky. They looked terrific all together.

My two tips. Face of Australia created such a lovely range of pastels, they look great mixed together. I'm pretty devo that the brand isn't around for me anymore, they are coming out with so many new products, I'm just admiring from afar. 

Begin lining glitter pieces, I used a toothpick.


Such an easy way to brighten up a mani using just a few glitter pieces. The nail polish had a lovely application and lasted just over four days. I rely on Face of Australia for it's quality and colour range! They always get it spot on.


  1. Cute! Wish I had the patience. I would probably end up throwing everything out the window.

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