Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 New Year Resolution Inspirations

Welcome 2015! 2014 has wisped by so quickly.
You know what a new year means, it's time that we find out where we are, rethinking our accomplishments and readjusting our mindset! For this year, I've decided to be less broad - to think less about the goal/outcome, and focus more on the mindset I'll be adapting to to be able to get there.

I've drawn some great inspiration to online articles, here are my new years resolutions:

1. Spend less!
This hole in my pocket is mainly from food. Food has become my motive and it has impacted me in the wrong ways, I've been spending a disastrous amount throughout 2014, I must have found myself eating out 23 times in one month, this takes a toll on not only my wallet, but on the scale as well! Dining should be a treat, not a necessity. I commit to limiting my dining to two times a week, max.

2. Fit in fitness.
I've been constantly told of the 'creeping' 5 pounds a year gain, and I am a clear victim to that (dammit). Being fit not only makes you look, but feel better! I commit to fitting in fitness into my weekly schedule by daily exercises and actually making use of the compulsory payments to my school gym,

3. Minimize alcohol
Alice, do you really need that pint with your meal? Since discovering beer, I've become entirely addicted - I don't know what mixed drinks are anymore. Anything dark on the rocks or a pint of craft beer, I'd demand! I need to stop. Beer is tremendously high in carbs, a negative lot at that. I commit to minimizing my overall alcohol intake in one eve', as well as leaning towards non-beer beverages.

4. Get more sleep, 8 hours minimum.
The heavy belief that if you want more of X, you need to sacrifice X. 2014 hasn't fared so well in less sleep for me. Sleep is a miracle worker, not my worse enemy. Poor sleeping patterns leads to obesity and diabetes! Nothing good here. An adequate amount of sleep means a happy and bright Alice!

5. Keep learning.
I need to constantly be an open book, I am no where near complete. By consistently exploring, I will also be able to discover more of what I'm passionate about. I commit to digging deeper, and improving my knowledge on whatever I'd like the focus on day after day.

"Either write something reading or do something worth writing."

6. Volunteer more!

Volunteering just feels good. I love the network of people I come across, they're all a very like-minded and positive bunch. I commit to actively searching for volunteering opportunities.

7. Organize my life better.
The biggest issue I have is taking on way too many projects at once. I need to stop believing that I am invincible and that I need to "seize the day" and be outside for 14 hours of my day. I need to tone it down. I will commit to becoming more organized by:
- Setting a weekly schedule to make time for personal activities, time with friends and errands
- Creating a to-do list the previous evening, this way I will become much stress-free
-  Become a better food and beauty blogger

8. Read more.
Knowledge is power. I will commit by always having a set of preloaded e-books in my phone and in my bag ready to flip open during my one-hour commutes. I will actively find topics I'll be interested in reading - I already have a few I'm already leaning towards which is exciting!

That was super invigorating to write and read about. I am excited for what this year entails!
Angela Lee Duckworth: The Key to Success - Grit!
Karen Thompson Walker: What Fear Can Teach Us
Check out these two TED Talks:

What are some of your new years resolutions?


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