Saturday, May 22, 2010

NYX Blush Swatches + Review - Desert Rose, Silky Rose, Espresso and Peach

I purchased NYX Blushes in  Desert Rose, Silky Rose, Espresso and Peach

(first two names are mixed up...)
Correct order: Silky Rose, Desert Rose, Espresso and Peach

EDIT: 27/11/2011
More swatches of these shades

Swatches are in order as following picture:
L>R: Silky Rose, Espresso, Peach & Desert Rose

L>R: Silky Rose, Espresso, Peach & Desert Rose
w/o flash: 

L>R: Silky Rose, Espresso, Peach & Desert Rose
 with flash:

L>R: Silky Rose, Espresso, Peach & Desert Rose

* Super affordable
* Pigmented
* Easy to blend
* Many colours to choose from

* Too much loose powder :(
* Print on case fades away (as all other NYX print products do!)

* Should be put on with a light hand

Brief description on each of them:
Silky Rose- A more pinkish version of desert rose
* Desert Rose- Shows up as a sorta wine colour
* Espresso- A brownier shade with a hint of pink (Great for contouring!)
* Peach- Not a peach color btw, more of a light light pink blush-- I use it for highlighting, it gives you a nice glow :)

... Hehe, if it's not obvious in what's left of my blushes...
I use Espresso and Silky Rose the most :D

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xo, arsyparsy


  1. I wish I could wear blushies! But it's like colouring my pimples red again LOL >.<"

    & I wish that NYX were sold in Australia.......


  2. pretty colours...i want some now :(

  3. Tram: Awww trammie! Yeah me too :( It'll be so much more convienient than paying $20 postage :'(!!!!!11

    xbbkay: Hehe get some! Trust me you won't regret it!!!!! :)

  4. That's so pretty!! I've been wanting some NYX blushes for a while, but I already have too many hahaha :) I like the espresso one :)

  5. where can you buy nyx instore from??

  6. Depends where you're from, some small shops sell it. It's pretty hard to find! I bought mine off cherryculture :)


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