Sunday, July 25, 2010

FOTD: Subtle Brown Eyeshadow

Hi girls!

So this is a FOTD I did a year ago when I was first discovered makeup! (yay!)
It was meant to be for a competition, but I deleted the post before the ending date.

Here ya go :D!





Lancome Palette
Diamond Lashes - Ebay
NYX Circe
Sephora Liquid Liner in Black Glitter


So anyway!!!!
I'm still dying without a camera...
Whenever I see something interesting/yummy... I reach out to grab my camera... 
To realise that my camera's gone.......
An arsy without a camera is like an arsy without lungs :(
*shrivels up....

But I can't buy a new one yet!
I have so many things to buy on my list!!! :(

- Things for my Formal! = $???? :(
(Dress, clutch, shoes, ticket, paying for makeup and hair...)
LOL, Sorry.. But I was really tempted to draw a picture :(
- Cherry culture and M.A.C = I don't even know ... lol
- A laptop!!!!!!!!!!!********** = $?
- Camera :| = $200-$400
- Stereosonic????! = $100

Omg..... I so need a job.
(How many times have a said this.. lol.)
Youth Allowance is my only hope :(!

This weekend is packed with studying, hooraaay.....
Trials are in 2 weeks! *dies..........

Well, I Hope you've all been well! ♥

xo, arsyparsy


  1. Absolutely love this look - esp the eyelashes! HAHA @ your formal needs!

  2. your nail colour is pretty :)
    and omgsh i know how it is to pay for the formal, ugh! haha
    hope you have a great night though!
    love your pic in paint HAHA

  3. love the look! you are pretty :)

  4. oooo! Really really cute!! You shouldn't hanve cancel it! THe eye lashes are so cute ^^ Hope you get a camera sooooooooon.

  5. i love the lashes. they look very nice on you.

    i have a list full of things i want to buy and do as well, but it all involves money. Too bad you can't grow them. HAHAH.

    hope you get all the things for your formal soon. i like the picture. it's so cute!

  6. such pretty blog you have :)

  7. Your blog is so cute :) I love your nails!!

  8. thanks so much for your wonderful comment!
    you look so cute :) and I've got so much on my buy list too haha



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