Friday, August 27, 2010

FOTD: Smokey Pink

Hi girls! 
After an extremely long hiatus, I'm back!!!!

Well trials finished on friday and since then my sleeping patterns have been crazy!
I've been sleeping straight after school til' 9pm... Stay up til' the next morning then go school....... and starts all over again!!! 
I'll get it back into shape this weekend though, so unhealthy!

Well anyway, I didn't buy my camera yet so I'm using my sisters one :D
She has the exact same camera as me, just different colour :)

So I'll start off this post with an EOTD
I haven't put makeup on in sooo long that I forgot to put on blush and stuff hehe :$

It's uneven because I applied them at separate times....
I have really bad memory. Never doing that again lol :(



Sorry about the extremely weird fake smile guys :( 
I've just been feeling like absolute crap these days.


1. Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer in Biege
2. Sephora Glitter Liquid Liner
3. 'Lash Me' Eyelash Glue
4. EcoTools Eyeshadow brush
5. 120 Manly E/S set- Green dots show what I used
6. Lashes off eBay


My Art Body of Work (B.O.W) is due next Monday. 
Lol, I just started everything on Monday. I'm so screwed :(
No Uni for me I guess....

WAS going to post pictures of my progress so far, 
but it's the biggest pieces of trash ever. Not even worth looking at. 

Anyway! I found my formal dress :D... 
Nonono I'm not gunna showz u :3 
BUT I did draw a picture of it.... You can fill in the rest yourself :D


Okay......... Bye guys!!!! ♥
Stay safe!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. i usually don't like pink eyeshadows but you pull it off well!! very cute :)

  2. i love your pictures hahah so cute!
    love your eyelashess

  3. Lovely smokey pink! it's so pretty! and I almost fell off the chair seeing your last drawing. Totally want the octopus hat :D

  4. Renee: Thank you ♥!
    Donna: Haha awww thank you, I didn't think so either! But I guess you'll never know until you try :)
    Tezza: Thank you darling!
    Bunny: Hahaha awww thank you! ♥♥


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