Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Got Mail: Extensions + Recent Buys

Hi girls! 
Well for the first time in my life I bought and wore extensions!!!!
20" 7 piece 80g Extensions in 1B Natural Black @ $55, I had to!
I didn't really mind whether it was shit or anything cos I just needed it for formal!
But I caved in and wore it yesterday... LOL

I bought it off Ebay for $35 USD with free shipping or and extra $16 USD for 5-7 days!
It was pretty cheap, I think it was about $55 ish all up!
---> here
When I first took it out of it's packaging, it felt really weird.... but so soft..... like a soft puppy :D

Hehe my lot of extensions:





My hair is actually really really flat so I think it helped it a bit! keke. It's a bit too long for my liking but meh.
I hate the blonde thing in my hair, I still need to dye it black haha my formal is tomorrow! OMG
Peeping outside my window to wave to my neighbour griffz Cynthia cus' she was outside :D

Recent Buys

Okay! On to my recent buys :)
I bought a Wing Ring but my camera has no focus, so yyyyer :( Cant see it properly
and BY THE WAY!!!!!!! I BOUGHT A CAMERA :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I took the above pics with it, ISN'T THE QUALITY AMAZING! But the bad thing is that the damn focus doesn't work properly (wtf?) And the flash is really low on the camera so I tend to cover it with my fingers :(

From Myers! I bought the last one :D
Well I still think it's super cute!!!!!
Since I bought my camera, I'm not able to buy a clutch now.... :(
I am seriously broke :(

'Benefit' Lemon Aid Eyelid Primer! from EBay

Hair Velcro thing :D Actually got this as a gift with my PinkyParadise purchase

(The cuteeest) Pink Top from Temt
Bangles from Lovisa 
Rings from General Pants

Nail Fimo Sticks! I have 100 more (that a purchased the other day) but AGAIN, My camera has no focus!
omg and can you see the Pucca in there? OMMMMMG I love pucca! They've been stalking me :$

Pantene All Day Smooth (for tangly hair and stuff, makes it shiny!) - Free! Yay!
Lens Solution :D
Black Blue Permenant Hair Dye for my TB bleached streak

Nails for formal! from CosmoCosmetics
I'm not ready to get Acrylics yet... I don't think I ever wanna see my nails as damaged as I've seen on other people!

And that's it! 
My graduation and last day of school was yesterday...
Feels weird. I duno.
I'll make a post on it when everyone uploads their lot of pictures!
My formal is tomorrow! I'm so not ready for it :(
I don't have my shoes or clutch! I'm hoping for it to come aaaah =[

Thanks for viewing!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. oooh formal! you're going to look stunning, can't wait to see the photos :)

    and that hair velcro thing, ive heard good stuff about it, i wanna try it out ~

    haha, i know what you mean about acrylics. i feel the same way, i dont wanna kill my nails, so i'll just stick to the stick on ones :)

  2. You look so pretty. ^__^!

    Lumix is actually a good camera. I owned one but had to sell it to get my DSLR. Or else, I would have kept it. Play around with the settings and see what effects you can get!

    Also, I've always wanted to get Nail Fimo sticks. But never ended up getting them, for some reason. Thanks for following my blog. I'm following yours too, because it's awesome!

  3. @Tezza: haha aww I hope! I feel so unprepared :( AND POOR OMG =[
    haha I bought another hair velcro thing on ebay. Won the bid for only 60c! Go buy one NOOOOW :D
    Hahaha yeah but I'm really bad at gluing them on, two fell off today :( and I woke up with one missing LOL :'(

    @Exuvalia: Thank you gorgeous!!! ♥ Well I tried googling ways to get focus onto it but I couldn't find anything :( maybe it's just my camera LOL i duunno =[ Have to look harder!
    I love it so far tho, besides not being able to control it hahahah.
    Hehe get some :) They're really really cheap on ebay atm, they're too cute to resist!!!!

  4. aw, 12mp pocket cam is just all I want, mine is Canon i7 zoom with only 7+ mp. sob, I really want a new DSLR cam =(

  5. ooooooooooo!!! love it! they look good on you!
    it looks kinda scary when you just leave the hair just on the shelve like that @_@

  6. WOW, your extentions totally transform you. I like! BTW I've been wanting a new camera and I see you got yourself a good one. I'm totally jealous. Thanks for following me, it really means alot to me. Nice to meet you, I'm Mara. :)

  7. Clairol Nice N Easy is my favorite hair dye (=

  8. @Kim aww I really want one too :( but it's really hard to save up LOL I keep spending.. and spending and spending..., without even realising it :(

    @DolceBunny Thank you ahahah LOL I know!!! I didn't know how to store it :(

    @Mara Thanks gorgeous! Get the camera I got! It's only $150!! And cheaper on ebay :P

    @Gaby: oooo, I don't dye my hair much yay I'm gunna use it soon ahha


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