Sunday, November 21, 2010

FOTD: Yellow + Black/Brown

Hi girls! 
Post HSC and I haven't been up to much :( 
My sleeping patterns are screwing me up bad

I went shopping with my sister the other day, I woke up suuuper early keke

 eternally in love with my umbrella cardigan 

Headed to the shops with zilch makeup! *proud
Then got home and decided to do an eotd for this blog :D

 Well i used the blush I won, haha I'm sad to say that I defff didn't get anything off it when I brushed it multiple times, sucks

 Came with a funky shaped brush

I'm really sorry I haven't been blogging much! I promise I will update as much as posss, wow look at that only one post this month and  it's the 21st! =[
 Well the other day we went to a Cruise and stayed at Meriton Hotel :D I'll do updates on that soon!
Au Reviour 

xo, arsyparsy


  1. pretty make-up look :) and we forgive you for not posting that often <3 that just makes us miss you more hehe

  2. your cardigan is heaps cute :3
    great look!

  3. :) YAY post HSC have as much fun as you can girl!!!
    btw ur lashes look so long and voluminous!!!
    *steals them away* hahaha

  4. your make up is perfect!!! but I think the lashes don't look really good on you. :)
    It doesn't look natural, that's only my opinion :)
    but u look pretty with that make up ^^

  5. eeeeeeek!! You're back!
    Love the umbrella cardigan! Its so cute!!
    Love the lashes you are using!! SO cute!!
    tht is one of the strangest brush i've seen! Is it easy to use?! So cool though!

  6. @jennifer yayay thank you babe haha
    @tezza haha and it was only 9 bucks >: D
    @mooshi i'm trying!! but no one's having parties SUCKS =[
    @inge yeah i get what you mean! LOL i hate those lashes too, i was trying to post pics that were far away cos it looks SUPER crap close up :(!!!! thanks you haha
    @dolce hehe awww thank you! yeah i knoow i was suprised when i saw it, nope! as usual.. the brushes that makeup usually comes with is shit =(

  7. I like the way you applied your makeup and the eyeshadow looked so rich and vivid. That cardigan fits you and i also cant help but be jealous of your nice cleavage, haha:-)

  8. hey alice
    i just gave you an award on my blog and thought i'd let you know :)

  9. @mina hahah yah it's so cuuute i love it! LOL I never got that compliment before, hehe ty

    @tezza yay!!! ♥ thanks babe


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