Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tutorial: Purple + Green Eyeshadow Look

Only a week away from ABBW, awww I'm so excited :'))))
I saved up some money (including selling my defqon ticket) to spend some mulla there!!!

Well Monday I have an assignment due, I finished it all off today! I'm so proud of myself :) So I decided to play with some makeup yayyy. And again, I wanted to try out green eyeshadow! (And hopefully not fail this time...) After an hour of slapping colour on my face............. success!!!!!!
I'm really happy with the results... Between doing it, I was thinking ughh I look like a clown again :(... but I kept going... And lashes really do make a difference! :)

The results! Yay :)

So while I was going along, I took photos of each process hehehehe just to help a brother out ya know. 

Now I shall begin the tutorial! (I hope this helps...!)

Step 1. Put on a base. I used Australis Concealer in Dark all over my lids up to my brows

Step 2. Choose a dark purple (I used a purple shade from NP Set... crushed to bits :'))
(2nd to the right)
Using your eyeshadow brush, start from the outer corners of your eyes and brush inwards!

Step 3. With a lighter purple... (I used a purple shade from NYX for your eyes only in Mysterious Brown Eyes)
(bottom on the right)
Brush this shade from the inner corners upwards (in line with the dark purple shade)

Step 4. Using a greeny jade colour (I used a NYX for your eyes only in Mysterious Brown Eyes)
(Bottom, second last)

Using your brush, brush it on the bottom 1/3 of the eyelid

Step 5. Use the dark purple eyeshadow from before to blend in the green and purple together
(I also used this step to darken the crease!)

Step 6. Go over the purple parts of the eyelid with another purple shade.. I used a maroony-purple colour and went over the top half and outer corners of the eyelid

 Bottom right!
Yay! Almost done...

Step 7. Line your eyes! (I used Revlon Colourstay Liquid Liner)

Step 8. Fill in those brows!

Step 9. Lashes!!!!!!! 
My favourite lashes so far ♥♥♥

And you're done :') 

Without flash
With flash!

NYX Circe used on lips, just because hehe

There's not much green in it compared to the tut pics... I packed on too much purple eyeshadow :'( boo
It's kay.. I still call this a success :)


Then after that, I took off all my makeup....... yeah :)
Okay, I just realised I have a test on Monday -_- study study studyyyy!

Take care :)
And everyone that went Defqon, I hope you all had fun! (...even though I was hoping it was gunna rain.. feel my pain :c)

xo, arsyparsy


  1. so gorgeous! i am fail with eyeshadows honestly haha
    OMGGGG YOU'RE GOING ABBW!!!!! YAYYY cant wait to see youuuuu <3

  2. lol I do this for fun as well! then shower afterwards to remove any trace of my failings hahaha. I'm so bad at eyeshadow I literally look like clown :(


  3. oh you look so pretty dear! :D

    & good luck on your test Monday.


  4. Aw, I love this look!! I like how much the green pops from the brown. And I have that same exact Lancome sample palette! <3

    Passed along an award to ya, Alice!<3

  5. hai.. i'm ur new follower ^_^
    love your look.. pretty..
    thx for tutor... :D

    feel free to follow me back :D

  6. Is that the Bitch slap cosmetic palette by any chance?

    1. Hi! Nope, I used NP set & NYX!

    2. Oh okay thank you! I didn't think you used it it's just shown in the background. But I've definitely got to go pick it up

    3. Sorry about that! They don't sell the NP Set anymore and the NYX palette isn't that great. Some eyeshadows are more pigmented than others but it's still one of the palettes I reach for most :)


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