Sunday, October 23, 2011

NOTD: Halloween Nail Art


Halloween is in 7 days!
One time in year 4, my friends and I went trick or treating on Halloween so we went parading around the block and to our disappointment, no one was giving out any candy! 
All we ended up with was a few measly Asian crackers.... 
I wish lil ol' Australia celebrated it like Canada/America :( Boo hoo

Well after looking at some nail art online, I got inspired to do some of my own! 

Things incorporated with 'Halloween'
Cats, webs, midnight, monsters and candy ☺

My lil work station, I still managed to get some nailpolish on the table..

Look at my nailpolish bottle, it's half empty! I just recently bought it :(
I spilt it all over my legs and shorts this morning T___T
Oh well, it has a not so nice smell anyway....


Art Deco in White
Ulta3 in Orchid
Ulta3 in Clear
Ulta3 in Honolulu
OPI in Big Red Apple

Red? I don't see any red in this nail art!!!!
I used the red and mixed it with the yellow to create orange :3 
Good ol' primary school ☺

Arent they cute!
The moon one is my fav :D

On my other hand I just painted it all in Orchid because I am horrible with drawing with my left hand!

Even though they look a bit messy, I still like them!

Thank you for viewing!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. loooks cooooool! i like the spiderweb, simple but effective ;) and the cats eye too! and the moon LOL

  2. Tezza- Hehe aw thank you cutie.
    The web was actually really easy!
    I was so surprised! You should try it out :)

  3. they're sooooo cute!!!! the moon one is my fav as well :) and LOL at the asian crackers bit. kinda odd as we get trick or treaters all the time and I live in perth...which is a hole :P

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  5. Cindy- Thank you gorgeous! Hehe naw, yeah because that's all they had and I guess they felt sorry for us haha

    Alice- Aw thank you so much! Yes I will <3!
    Thank you for dropping by x

  6. awwww, i want to do a halloween inspired thingy.. but idk how.. hehe..
    i must try these... thanks for sharing mmuah!

  7. Your nailpolish is so cute! Congrat.!
    I'm now following you , if you like my blog , can do the same:
    Kisses Andy

  8. I like the web, great job!
    Love, ayr

  9. very cute nail art (: creative..

    CMPang x

  10. Diane- Aww! You have to!
    I'm glad these inspired you even further!

    Andrea- Thank you so much for dropping by x

    Iris- Thank you! Actually a lot more simple than it appears :)

    Mai- Thank you! I appreciate the feedback :)

  11. I -love- the little evil eyes on your little finger! So cute, yet evil :D

  12. Celina- Awww Hehe that's my favourite too!
    So dark compared to the rest :)


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