Friday, October 7, 2011

My video entry - KMS Campaign: The Real Project

Hi ☺

What's cute is that while I was in the process of editing a video for the KMS Campaign, KMS had requested me to inform my readers about the campaign I was entering....

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So teensy!

'The Real Project'

What is this campaign?
This campaign is to celebrate individuality and empowering creative self-expression, it's a call out for all consumers and stylists to upload a 15 second video capturing 'who they are'. 

What KMS says...
“We wanted to give people the space and tools to broadcast and share their individuality to and with the world. KMS California celebrates individuals and is passionate with real people, real lives and individual style. The KMS brand encourages people to accept and express who they are and The Real Project will be the perfect launch pad for them to do so”. Louise Chamberlain, Marketing Director for KMS California

The 15 videos with the highest votes will be used in KMS California’s TV Campaign that will go live on November 26th airing in prime time on Channel GO!
The first 100 entries will receive a FREE KMS California gift pack valued at over $100, plus there are 20 SONY Bloggie Duo cameras to be won for the first videos to receive 50 ‘likes’.

I just want to be one of the first 100 yay :')

So why don't you have a go?
Submit your 15 second video here

Or you can view other entries here

Good luck!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. your video is sooooo cute! hehe

  2. I'm your 10th heart click!! YAY!!! ^___^ This video is sooo cute! I LOVEEEEEE Archie comics toooooo!!! *high five*

  3. @Cindy Hehe aw thank you babe!

    @Sophie ALL BOUT MEHz

    @Jen Yay!!!!!!! :3 Thank you :D! Awwww mad I love love looooooooove them <3! They're the best!


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