Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Drugstore Flakie - Australis 'Speck-tacular' Swatches on top of 'Blackmail'

You would have not been able to imagine how excited I was once I had known that Australis has come out with these flakies!
I've always wanted a flakie every since seeing the Inglot ones being sold at IMATS and now there's a flakie under $10 at any leading retail store I walk into!

Strengthening top coat with holographic reflective flakes! Ohhh, so many goodies in one! 

Flakies look 100% better against a dark background, I will be using Australis' 'Blackmail'.

Top: Australis Flakie in Speck-tacular
Bottom: Australis Nail Polish in Blackmail 

Both nail polishes have the same brushes
I've used Australis nail polishes before and compared to Blackmail, it is very different to the consistency of my first two Australis nailpolishes.. It was not runny, has average drying time and has the right consistency.

Two coats of 'Blackmail'

The Australis flakie is not only gorgeous but it serves with a topcoat and strengthens nails too!
 (Well we'll just have to see about the strengthening bit...)

Brush for the flakie, look at those pretty little specks!

2 layers of Speck-tacular on my nails on top of Blackmail!

And 3 days later...
The Speck-tacular top coat is holding up pretty well!
'Speck-tacular on top of 'Blackmail'
Left to Right: 'Blackmail' alone, 1 layer of 'Speck-tacular', 2 layers of 'Speck-tacular'

Gorgeous isn't it? I would like if the specks were a teensy bit bigger though!
I would love if Australis from this point, were to create more unique nail polishes that no other drugstore brand has, like holographics, magnetic and super super glittery ones! 

Available at:
Leading retailers and pharmacies (Big W, Priceline, Target, etc)

RRP $8.99 

Disclaimer: The products listed were gifts from Australis. All opinions are those of the author.


  1. No need to wait for Australia to catch up, make your own!

    1. I've always thought of that! But I've only ever found the simple glitters like from craft shops :( not that pretty!!!

  2. Eeeeee I bought a bottle of this as part of a friend's birthday gift... looks like I will have to go back and grab one for myself!!!

  3. Replies
    1. It's gorgeous! It reflects different colours if you turn your hand at different angles!

  4. Love flakie nail polishes! Reminds me of one of the new finger paints polishes that came out called asylum but less flakie. Nice find, I'm always like looking at new flakies I've never seen!

    1. Ohh we don't have Finger Paints here but I have seen swatches of them-
      They look amazing though! So many types of polishes in their range!!

  5. Sparkly top coat! How cute!!! I need to get this!

    1. It's so simple and makes any dark nail polish look amazing!

  6. oohh this looks oh so pretty!

    thanks for commenting and following back hunni xx

  7. ooh the flakes look gorgeous on the black! very cosmic looking. didn't know Australis made nail polishes like these, I'll have to check them out next time I'm in Priceline! :D

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog btw, following you back now :)

    1. Ithink they realised the flakies 2-3 weeks ago! Not that long :)
      I hope they come out with more pretty ones!!
      Now a problem babe! x

  8. I read this on my phone this morning but couldn't comment ..because I forgot my blogger pw LOL! But eee I want to buyyy thisss noww! I want to try some flakie polishes *_* ! Mmm

    1. Hahaha aw! I get that too, forgetting my passwords often :(
      Ahhh I want to try more pretty flakies!!!

  9. The effect on black nail makes is gorgeous! :) :)
    Thank you for sharing!!

    accidental encounters

  10. Love your nails :)

  11. Oh, I remember seeing this briefly on Amanda's blog! But I didn't know it was a strengthening top coat too! And that it's available outside of Priceline! Definitely more determined to hunt for it now, haha.

  12. omgosh! you made my day; even though i'm only 1.5 hrs into it lol. Were always so slow to catch up and even if we do stock it it's so expensive! However I wish the flakies were more monochromatic.. :l I don't know theres something about the colours of these flakies.. none the less still great and will definitely check it out tomorrow after work.

  13. Ahhh I love these kind of nailart ^^
    I have been seeing them alot in other blogposts aswell :)


  14. I bought this a few days back and used it on a purple - it looked awesome! I love this nail polish, it's so good! xD


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