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Tutorial: Cutting your very own pair of Demi Lashes! + How I apply them!

I absolutely love using these lashes!
I actually bought the lashes in full a year ago and loved them in the picture!
They looked so cute! Once I had purchased and received them in the mail and popped them on for one of my fotd posts.... They looked absolutely horrid...! (evidence: here).
But not only did it look horrid but the band was incredibly stiff and difficult to apply to my lashline!
So sulky Alice was left with another box of lashes that she'll never use again....

Then, many many months later... I pulled out my stash of lashes and picking up the shameful box... Then it came to me! These lashes would make a perfect pair of Demi's!

So I snip, snip, snipped away, popped them on and they not only looked great but they only cost one half of my lashes!

This is a little tutorial on how I create my Demi lashes!
(Which I wear very very often! I can't find pictures.. But in recent posts, I've worn them here and here)

With a bit of eyeliner, curling and mascara (optional, heh), it'll blend in nicely ☺

The little box of heaven!

Fun little flirty lashes and super simple to maintain - Really! It feels like there's nothing on my lashes (besides when I'm wearing lashes, apply it incorrectly and then it get's stuck in my frames with every blink -_-)


How to snip your own pair of Demi-lashes!

You can actually follow this tutorial with a many types of lashes! It doesn't particularly have to be the ones I have. I'm tried it with full length lashes (here) and lashes that are longer in the middle (here).

 1. Pull one lash (... you know what I mean.) from the box and trim the little tails that come with it.

2. Determine where you want to make the cut! The middle bit will be at the outer corners of your eyes. 
Why? We'll be using the ends of the original lash to be the inside ones as it's shorter and will blend much more nicely!
3. Fold evenly until both ends touch.

4. Snip away my darlin'.

 5. Yay! We have two pieces! 
I ended up snipping the long bits off on the outer corners so the end of the lash will be short (Refer to first image).


How I apply my Demi-lashes!

(After curling, applying mascara and applying eyeliner!)

This is just a side tutorial.. On how I apply my demi-lashes. 

Since the lashes are trimmed in half, they aren't as curved as they were when they were a full! So it will be harder to apply once the glue is all tacky and you're trying to align the lashes onto your lashline. 
If you have a stubborn, stiff band like mine to work with, your lashes WILL end up falling off (it has happened way too many times to me)!

 1. Glue along the band

 2. Take hold of either side of the lashes

3. Gently push them together until they form a 'u' shape...
While you're holding it in this shape, blow onto the lashes until it becomes tacky.
Now your lash will be curved and ready to apply. 
Apply as you normal would, I apply the end of the lash where my natural lashes end.
You don't want to go out too far or your eyes will just look droopy.

And you're done!

The result...

 Look how cutesy they look flared out like that!
Don't you wish they were your real lashes? I certainly do.

Hooray! (By the way, do you like my necklace? I put it together myself  the other day :D)

Thank you for reading my tutorial!

I hope this helps give you the courage if you ever decide to spruce up your eyes with a pair of unwanted false lashes like I have :)


  1. haha the lashes look adorable! I love how they flare out on the sides, without making your lashes look overdone. gotta try this out sometime :)

  2. Ah, so those are the lashes that you cut! I got quite a shock when I clicked on the evidence photo of you wearing them as full-length lashes, lol.
    I cut my lashes the same way too; bend and cut at the ... bend. Yep.
    Glad that you've made use of the previously-unwanted lashes!

  3. After reading this post I want to go rifle through my overflowing lashes box, and start snipping away XD
    Thanks for the tips~!

  4. thanks for the little bending tip, because I always have problems with that when I'm wearing demi-lashes >.< and love the necklace! are those leaves? how did you make it? x

  5. So cute!! Agreed! They do look very fun and flirty ^_^!! I might try :3................. maybe. I buy lashes and never wear em'!

  6. those demi lashes look great! and your necklace is amazing! D: How did you do it?!

  7. i'm a massive fan of demi lashes. those are the only lashes i'm comfortable wearing for everyday wear these days (cause my natural lashes suck! >_<) awesome tutorial here love :D keep up the good work <3

  8. I have the same lashes!! and I also use them as demi lashes because it looks more natural >.<
    your tutorial is really good and easy to follow ;)
    I like your blog so much and now I'm your new reader <3


  9. Wow thanks for sharing these really descriptive tutorials! I love it! The lashes look great on you! I'm now a new follower. Feel free to stop by my blog some time!


  10. Nice tutorial! It's so detailed!

  11. I love it!



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