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Australis' Lash Length Extension Mascara Review

I hope you've all been well............
My gosh. It's been far too long... I haven't had internet for over two months and have moved houses and had internet installed a few days ago *phew.

Okay well, being a typical asian girl.... I have... absoluuuteely non-existent eyelashes. One of the first things that I always notice about people are their eyelashes.............. being a creep always admiring and complimenting how amazing their eyelashes are. It's so sad that mine are short, stubby and you can't do anything with it! 

I have always found mascara to be a pain to use! On many occasions when I use to wear mascara in the past - I'd stroke the mascara on my teensy lashes, put on my glasses to find out that the mascara hasn't tried yet and it has streaked all over my lenses...

Oh and I can't ever forget always getting home at the end of the day and looking in the mirror and seeing black smears around my eyes either because the mascara just didn't dry in time or I have my annoying habit of rubbing my eyes... Sigh, did I really prance around all day with all that?

Well, I've been fortunate to try out Australis' new range of mascaras! Skimming through the pamphlet, I was so surprised! It was incredible! They have covered a mascara for EVERY preference! Whether you wanted thicker, lengthened, voluminous, curvier or you just want to plain ol' condition your lashes-- they have it!!

Going over the information for each one --I knew straight away that the 'Lash Length Extension Mascara was definitely for me!

So running to my mirror I unpackaged the Lash Lengths Extension Mascara..... I prepped up my hair, curled my lashes and did a few strokes covering each and every one.

After applying the mascara:
Oh look at my little cute subtle curls!
(This is the best I can get... really. Yes it is sad... which is why I live off lashes)

I don't know if it's just me, but every time I curl my lashes and apply mascara... It does absolutely nothing for me! In less than 30 minutes it will go back down to it's normal state... So I was crossing my fingers throughout the day hoping that it wouldn't be the same for this mascara.... the description sure looks promising!

Australis' description of this product:
What is it 
A lengthening mascara that works to lengthen lashes with fibres that attatch themselves to the lids of the lashes. It is so lightweight you'll feel like you are not wearing any mascara at all!
Why we love it 
Creates long, defined and separated lashes in an instant. Contains easy wash-off tubing formulation for no 'panda eyes'

7 hours later...
Not bad!!! (I know. I took a picture of the wrong eye. But you get the gist!)

And you know what's the best thing about this mascara? 
Compared to other mascaras I've used, I always ended up with smears below my waterline but the mascara applies as if it wraps around your lashes so it comes off as 'tubes'. There is absolutely no tugging or pulling, all I do is just dab makeup remover on a cotton pad and with a bit of pressure, wipe it across my eyelashes!

Little tubes^ How adorable!

Why I love it:
- Lengthens my lashes
- Amazing formula makes it easy to remove
- Absolutely no panda eyes

My verdict:
I think this product is awesome! It does every single thing it says it'll do, it lengthened and it kept my little curls in place too! And the best thing of course, it's super simple to remove with the 'tubing' formula and all!

Pricing and Available at:
BigW, Target and Priceline
@ $11.95

If you wanted to check it out, right now Priceline is having a buy three for the price of two on Australis products. Ohhh, don't you love bargains!

I hope you've enjoyed this review!
Au reviour!


  1. Hiiii arsy, I have the same problem with my wittle lashes wilting within 5 seconds of putting on mascara. Sometimes it'll depend on the formula, but waterproof formulas always work for me! They keep the curl up there :) the only downside is that it takes too much work to get off so that's why i usually just stick with eyeliner & curling my lashes instead :(

  2. Lol! We are like two peas in a pod... Eyelash addicts uniteeee <3 hahaha thats awesome! I hate mascara that give you panda eyes>< i wanna try this one now just to see the little tubes !

  3. Yay for this mascara! I'm definitely going to try this out!!!

  4. Ah I love mascaras with no smudging! Seriously I don't have to freak out when I unconsciously rubbed my eyes and my eyelashes end up smearing or clumping together! =P

    I love the Priceline 3 for 2 specials! I'm over the moon with their offers but I can't decide on what I'd wanna get! =P

    ♡ M.May

  5. Woahhhhhhh you have so many fake lashes! Any recommendations for a lash glue? I want to start wearing them but don't want my eyeballs to burn and fall out or something haha. I have the exact same problem :( non-existant lashes sighhh

  6. Aww I wanted to try out the Australis mascara! Defs gonna get my hands on one! I would get the volumise one :D The mascara coated your lashes and naturally enhanced them which is great!!
    Hehe thanks Arsy! I am proud of the geisha painting too ~ Took foreverz

  7. I have the same problem with my lashes... doesn't look any different with mascara and just droops down!
    Thanks for the review!
    Yay another Aussie blogger!! :) I followed for sure!!
    I have a blog too, if you could check it out?


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