Friday, June 8, 2012

Review + Swatches: Sally Hansen GEM Crush in Cha-Ching and Be-Jeweled

Oh my lord....
When I saw these nail polishes on my computer screen, I was so amazed. Look at the sparklyness! I had never seen anything like it... I had to have it!!

So when I had received these babies from a giveaway in the mail... I was squealing and running around so eager to test these babies out. 
It's glimmering beauty

It's just abit vibrant in person

I wish you could see how truly amazing Be-Jeweled looks! It has a slight tint of light bluish/purple too!

1 layer > 2 layers
Wowaz already right?!

*Applying BeJeweled
Bare nails

 2 layers of Ulta

1 layer of BeJeweled
2 layers of Be-Jeweled
So pretty right!

*Applying Cha-Ching
 1 layer of my all time favourite OPI nailpolish- Big Apple Red

1 layer of Cha-Ching
Looks too Christmas-y for me.. Don't think I'll be using it too often!

Don't you love these beauties!

Be-Jeweled is my absolute favourite of the two!
These babies chip after a few days (I've only tried it with a nail polish underneath)! I don't think you necessarily need a nail polish colour base underneath it all since it's already fine on it's own!

How much and where?
$9.95 @ Priceline
They also come in 6 other gorgeous shades!


  1. Bejeweled is so pretty with a base coat! I have the shade Big Money and have only worn it by itself so far, and it chips within a day for me :( Trying to strengthen my nails and see if that helps,but I've heard a lot of people say it flakes off for them as well. Still, so pretty <3

  2. The Big Apple Red and Cha-Ching look amazing together! Reminds me of Jessica Rabbit nails!


  3. to the person ^^ i have big money as well!! i got it at target for $6? or something so i wasnt too fussed. i do get a bit of chipping but only after a couple of days. big money is sooooo pretty alice!

  4. The purple is really nice!! Yeah the red does look a bit too festive here...

    But I have been looking for a good red shade, I think I found it in this post. ;) Thanks!

  5. these were a bogo at walgreens buy one get one i missed out :(

  6. Omnomnom the purple is seriously gorgeous!

  7. Be-jewelled is so lovely and glittery! The Gem polishes look like crushed diamonds!

  8. Gorgeous!! My fav colour is purple so I looove the look of Be-Jeweled!

  9. Ahhhh they're so pretty! I like the purple one!

  10. Omg LOL! "So Christmassy"!! Agreed! >_<" These looks so pretty, but not ma cup of teapea ~

  11. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  12. I love how the purple turned out! It's such a fun color!

  13. I love these ^^ whats the application like? It looks a but grainy


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