Thursday, August 23, 2012

Colour Me In: Nude - A wearable nude! Revlon's Soft Nude

If there's one lipstick that has seen the most use in these past few months, it's Revlon's Colorburst in Soft Nude. Every other time I don't feel like wearing one of my favourite bold lippies, I swipe a layer of soft nude on my lips.

Whats up! Thursday again and another post from a drop of the colour spectrum, Nude!

Revlon's Soft Nude.... This buddy of mine and I go way back. My first lip product review? Was on this product. In a BOGOF deal at priceline for $22 (At that time I thought I got a bargain! Far from it.)

This was the first lippy I found that I had absolute no use for... Until lately.
 Their classic quilted patterned packaging

And their brand name embedded along the side

Most wearable nude I've met!

It can't be that awesome Alice! Oh don't be silly.
 Bare lips
With soft nude

My lips but better? Absolutely.

*normal daylight*

You can check out my old post for a review on this baby.

This 'Colour me in' series is a collaboration with your four beloved bloggers bringing you a shade from the colour spectrum each week! For this week's post, tez putting a lil twist to your typical french manicure, manda' rating a few of the most known eye primers and trammie crafting it up with a DIY nude nail polish.

Goodbye my loves.


  1. This nude doesn't look super pale and nude, maybe it won't make me look dead! :O

    1. I have pretty heavy nude lipsticks but this one is sheer so I think it'd work well!

  2. The colour looks good on you! I don't think it works well with my skin tone so I've been neglecting mine, haha. I also think I got mine through a BOGOF deal at Priceline too, lolol.

    1. I actually abandoned it for quite a while and got back to it a few months ago when I was testing out my nude lippies and comparing it. I was so surprised! I think it's because my lips are naturally pretty dark haha.

  3. The colour looks great on you!

    Nudes look terrible on me unfortunately ):


  4. very interesting post.

  5. I love Revlon lipsticks. This shade definitely looks great on you! :)

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

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