Thursday, September 6, 2012

Colour Me In: Green! - Tutorial: Rainforest Inspired Eyeshadow Look

Hi cuties!

The shade for this week's Colour Me In Thursdays is green!

This 'Colour me in' series is a collaboration of your four beloved bloggers, Tez, Manda, Trammie and myself bringing you a shade from the colour spectrum each week! 

It has been a while since I've last played with eyeshadow... Since October last year.... Yikes. I'm so surprised that my eyeshadow applying skills haven't turned out that bad.

For this week's shade, green, I decided to do an eyeshadow look. I immediately thought of using the shades you think of when you think of rainforests, and I am happy with how it turned out!

I've been letting my eyebrow hairs hang loose since Uni has started... Gosh, imagine what habit I'll get into once I have kids!

 Got around to using the shades in my beloved and much neglected Manly palette

 The mirror I use to create all my looks! I haven't used this baby in so long.

By the way, I just recieved my camera battery in the mail so I'm back to using my camera... Thing is, that I haven't gotten use to the habit of using it, so half of the images below are without flash. Sorry!


1. Start with primed lids

2. Using a light lime green shade,
 Swipe over 3/4 of your lid going up

3. And with a more jade shade,
 Cover 3/4 of your lid leaving the insides (So that you can still see the lime on the inner corner of your eyes)

4. With a forest green-jade-ish shade,
 Cover your outer corners

5. With a light eyeshadow of your choice,
Blend and cover below your brows

6. With a dark blue,
 Blend into a small section of the outer corners.

7. With black, 
*then I remembered to use flash... now the pictures can be bigger!
Blend an even smaller section of the outer corners.

8. Line your eyes annnnd some finishing touches (highlighting inner corners, mascara and lipstick),


Products used: 180 Manly Palette, LA Colors 5 palette, Daiso Liquid Liner, Australis Concealer (as primer) in Dark, Australis Blush in Flash It! Royal and Langnickel Eyeshadow brush, Ecotools Blush Brush, Gloss Eyeshadow Brush, and NYX Eyeshadow in Highlight.


(Out of 148 shots taken...)The only decent images I have of me with my eyes completely open.. And I have my glasses on. Dammit.

Check out Tram's post for nail swatches on a heap of green hues, Tez for more pastel shades and Amanda creating a look with a few of her green eyeshadows.

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