Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nails: Creating a Pink to Purple Gradient

I have a feeling there will be alot of gradient effects on my nails until I've used up all the colour combinations I think would look shnazzy...

Pastel pink > Darker pink > Dark plum shade

Sitting infront of my computer getting ready to study and I realised that I have not painted my nails in two days! So I hopped on over to my drawer and pulled out my recently purchased OPI in Mod About You and  swiped away. And for an even bigger reason to procrastinate, I didn't want to have plain jane nails so I decided to gradientify it with a few extra polishes.

L>R: OPI - Mod About You, Ulta3 - Strawberry Sundae & Ulta3 - Mulberry

(Check out this post for more pics of how I do my gradient nails too!)
Mod about you! I never noticed this until I was editing this photo, but the plastic part of the nail brush has 'OPI' embossed on it! (Arrow pointing)
1. Two coats

Ulta3's Strawberry Sundae, a gorgeous pink but too kiddish on its own. 
2. Layer one - Sponge on 2/3 of the way down

3.  Layer two - Sponge 3/5 of the way down

4.  Layer three - Sponge 1/3 of the way down

I was going to leave it at this, but it was too nicki-minaj-y for me
 Ulta3's Mulberry. This is the shade I've been wearing on my toes since I purchased this nail polish (Over six months ago!)
5. Sponge lightly 1/2 of the way down, repeat until you reach the opacity you desire!

6. Clean up (Two days late of taking this pic...).. And Voila!

On my right hand I decided to skip the pink and went straight into Mulberry after two coats of Mod About You.
I like it!


  1. I like the strawberry sundae one a lot! Not a big fan of the mulberry; I think it'd look a bit dark on me. HOWEVER! It looks great on you either way and thank you for my new nail inspiration!

  2. Prettttttty combination! Haha that's so cute about the OPI brush, I've never noticed either but I'll definitely look out for it next time I use an OPI colour!

  3. This is sooooo pretty! I've always wanted to try gradient nails...hmmmmm maybe next weekend

  4. Oh wow, these came out really nice! I love the gradient effect. I must try this sometime!


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