Thursday, October 4, 2012

Colour Me In: Brown! - My everyday, barely there eyeshadow routine.

This Colour Me In series is a collection of posts where your beloved bloggers, Tram, Amanda, Tezza and myself will be posting about the selected shade from whatever we're able to gather from our beauty stash!

This week is brown! The first thing boring Alice thought of when she heard brown, was eyeshadow! My flash hasn't been working on my camera so I'm forever relying on daylight! To especially make sure I didn't wake up late and had time to create this post, I pulled an all nighter. Not a good idea... I'm on my fifth cup of caffeine with 5 hours left til' home sweet home and I've microslept twice. Ohhh, joy.

Okay so this post will be showing you how I create my everyday makeup look! Just a hint of brown, and it changes the whole look up!
I apply liquid liner on a daily basis. My eyes just look odd and incomplete without it now.

NYX Round Lipstick in Power!

 1. Bare n' primed lids

2. Apply a dash of brown on the outer corners and blend both sides 
(Can you see the line on my right eye? I blended the left side already!)

 3. Apply highlighter all over lids

4.  Liquid liner timmme!
 Yay for both eyes

And finitos!

Nothing fancy but I love it!

Check out Manda's post for bronze powder, Trammie supporting Aussie brands showing you three affordable bronzers and Tez with brown circle lenses (in her eyes -inside joke lol).


  1. Nice post! The way you do your liner really makes your eyes stand out from behind your glasses :)

  2. The way you did your eyeliner made your eyes just POP! and at first I didn't really notice the eyeshadow! It looks really natural and just enhances your eyes even more!

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