Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review: Girlz Nailz' Gold on Black Fishnet Nail Wraps

The amount of time I've spent looking at nail wraps, and... the amount of nail wraps I already have on stash. They are complex, fiddly little things, which always turned me off from trying them out. Always with the fear of not getting them 'just right' and messing the whole thing up. But with the arrival of a nicely designed nail wrap sheet of Girlz Nailz on my desk, I had no excuse! I had to over come this fear.

I made a great choice in choosing the these nail wraps! They already look great from the packet. There are 22 nail wraps in the pack, enough for a full set of toe and finger nails! Upon unveiling the wraps from it's plastic packaging, it has a nice shine and a smooth finish.

And, hold up! As good as the quality of Minx nails, Girlz Nailz was previously a distributor to two leading UK nail wrap brands before starting up their own company - you are guaranteed quality!

 Additional instructions are to heat the wrap with a hair dryer for 4-5 seconds before application.

Following the instructions, and choosing the nail wraps which best fit my nail. I measured only one hand of course!
 Ready to heat up!

 Peel n' apply!

I was surprised by the material of the wrap. It was the perfect thickness to maneuver and stuck incredibly well.
Stick, file down and repeat! 
(Pic 3) Here is my right hand with all the strips, trimmed but not filed yet.

Yay! Looking fresh my love.

And of course, there has to be photos of the days following...!
(Day 3) I've made the decision to peel off the top plastic layer that has been lifting it's self up (lil ganga) I did this to all three nails besides my pinky - I was being figgity :p, it wasn't necessary. 
(Day 5) It starts fading and stretching out

I finally decided to peel it off completely on the 7th day as I wanted to try out something new on my nails. 

Throughout the wear, it did start to peel an itty bit - but only on my left hand (which I applied first) I guess it's because I did it worse job than my left hand. It was of great quality and stuck well for a week! I also received many compliments over my nails, so even though there looks to be little flaws up close, it looks fantastic from far away!

What I love about the Girlz Nailz' Nail Wraps:
- Perfect thickness to apply with ease (after practice, for the first few nails)
- These are a lot better quality than other nail wraps on the market! They are of Minx quality (having distributed to two leading UK brands), but they have set theirs at a far more affordable price!
- It looked great, throughout all seven days of wear!
- Such a great array of variety to look over
- Of course, easy removal - heating up and peeling off!
These nail wraps are available from Girlz Nails, here. They have an awesome nail wrap selection of great quality, I had a hard time choosing - I also especially like their Glitz nail range, super lovely colours! 

*This product was kindly provided for editorial consideration, thank you Girlz Nailz!


  1. These look great! I think nail wraps are just too fidgety for me tho

    à la foliee

  2. They look really awesome! Haven't heard of Girlz Nails before but they seem to offer nice things :)

    ♥ Maho

  3. The black with gold patterning is such a glam look! I've yet to try nail stickers, but they look so easy to apply, and seem so convenient too~

  4. The print is so lovely and classy! I've tried nail stickers before but they didn't fit well and didn't came out nice on my nails..

  5. Did you apply a topcoat? I've read some brands suggest using a topcoat so that it lasts longer, but when I tried the topcoat came off in one piece. Though, now that I think about it, maybe it was that shiny layer that you peeled off...

    For me, nail wraps are great for a night out. You can get intricate designs that look awesome, but then when they start to lift or snag on things, I go nuts and rip them all off. So perfect for a nice night out.

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