Friday, November 21, 2014

Swatches + Quick Review: Motives Cosmetics in Venti, Naughty & Berry Sexy

It's been strange. Since my encounter of MAC's Diva and Rebel, I haven't had a dark lippie out of my bag. I have compiled a nice collection of them, and with the arrival of these darlings from Motives Cosmetics, I truly have no reason to stem out of the addiction.

Motives is widely known for their highly pigmented and rich formula; at the price of MAC, and, with the addition of saving (killing two birds with one stone) - it's a no brainer!

These three beauties were happily added to my newly ever-growing collection of lipsticks - since reducing the 40+ lipsticks to a narrow eight once I moved to Canada. 

1. Motives for Lala Moisture Rich Lipstick in Venti ($17.08)
2. Motives for Lala Mineral Lipstick in Naughty ($18.98)
3. Motives by Loren Ridinger Rich Formula in Berry Sexy ($16.21)

They all look the same, eh? Too curious of how they'd look swatched.

One dark lippy from each collection!

 Nude - Venti - Naughty - Berry Sexy

I usually suffer from extremely flakey lips after testing and removed two lipsticks, with how smooth and creamy each one of these were, there were no problems with it at all. I really liked each one, 

1. Motives for Lala: Venti struck me up as a very dark, blue-toned brown shade once swatched, but it looked great on! Almost a relative of our beloved MAC's Diva, 

2. Motives for Lala: I loved the packaging of Naughty! The click and shmick packaging for Naughty was only the cherry on top, it is very beautiful and rich.

3. Motives by Loren Ridinger's Berry Sexy sure surprised me. the pay off was a much more maroon version of Naughty, but it looked like a brighter deep pink/red on the lips.

Create an account and save big on Motives - check it out their lipsticks, here

I will be following up with in-depth posts on each lippy real soon! But, for now, ending off with my favourite lipstick of the three - the brownest of them all - Venti! *cheese*


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