Saturday, July 31, 2010

NOTD: Pink/Red with White and R.I.P Camera #2

Hi girls!

Well this is my NOTD--
I pretty much rushed this one hehe out of experiment


I took this when I was in bed, ehhe hence the sheets.


Hehe, well 1 more week until trials...
I can't even feel the stress yet.....

I'm still deciding on what I want to do when I get to uni,
right now I'm thinking along the lines of something business related
--> Marketing, management... something like that!
I just know that I want to work in a office and socialise with people!

I miss my camera a lot :(
I took you for granted!!!!!!!!!! :(


.... and the last picture you've ever taken!
You can see it about to tumble over (I put it on timer) reaching the chair....

So far, my decisions on what camera to buy are between Lumix LX3 or Canon S90

PhotobucketOR    Photobucket
source: google images

The better camera is the LX3, although the price is a bit steep for the range I was going for ($450+++!!!)
While the S90 although it's a lot more affordable and not to forget great light boosting!!!! It doesn't have what I really wanted-- HD quality filming.

I'm so boooooo about the limited choices! 
I can just wait until Canon becomes generous and decides to re-amp this model for a newer one AND add HD... That would be the perfect camera!
But I really want a camera NOW NOW NOW!

It's 4 am. What am I doing up!
Bye guys! Take care!
I hope I'll be blogging again soon :(

xo, arsyparsy


  1. I love your NOTD, so cute. You're super pretty btw. :) Thanks for commenting on my blog, your blog is very nice. Good luck on deciding on the right camera, it's a nice investment either way. ^^ Thanks for letting us know about the giveaways too.

  2. cute nails :)
    and I'd go for the Canon camera!!!!!!

    ~ Lily

  3. cute blog! a new follower here =) please drop by if you have time:

  4. Cute nail design! :D Thanks for visiting and following my blog, you got a new follower here :D

  5. Great nails!!
    & I need a new camera as well!! I want HD quality as well! >_<

    & thanks for leaving sucha sweet comment! I followed you too!

  6. Your nails looks very adorable!!

  7. tagged you in my latest post
    love your notd :) Wish i had some time to do my nails LOL


  8. alice, i tagged you in my random 8 q's post :D

  9. great photos!! love the red & white nails-so cute!! and you so pretty!!

  10. hehe awww thank you darlings ♥


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