Friday, June 10, 2011

Purchases + FOTD: Smokey Eye

Hiiii! How are you all! 
I bought these a while ago, but still! hehe thought I'd blog about it :)

 Things I've bought (yay!)
Batiste dry shampoo in Original - $5-6 each? I've been eyeing this FOREVER! and it had gone on sale and I grabbed the last two at Priceline :') Oh happy dayyys
Opti-free contact lense solution - For only $20 I got two normal sized bottles and a lil cute one + two cases from Big W :D
Solar Powered Flower - $4-$5? hehehehehehehe I have a soft spot for cutesy little knick knacks so I thought I needed this, just chillin in my room waving sup! It's awesome :D yay I want mooore
Maybelline Baby Lips - This was actually free! Hooray for freebies :)
Art book - $2 I just wanted it for scribbles!
Wrapping paper - Only 50c each bought it to decorate things!
Construction paper - $4 to decorate things :)

 And out of the wrapping paper and some spare ribbon I had, I was able to make this card for my friend Nadiney on her 19th bday :D! I absolutely looove making cards! 

Ready to go to a party (hehe) yay!

Eye makeup:
 Just the usggg, brown/black on outer corner and a pair of falsies

I'll be back soon for updates!
Thanks for viewing (hehe seriously)


xo, arsyparsy


  1. Owww, the card looks so cute! Really nice! *__*
    And nice things that you bought!
    Love your make-up!

  2. Eeee! Do a review for the Maybelline Baby lips, I was dying to buy it while in Singapore but I didn't. Regretting it now since we don't have it here.

    Love your look!

  3. Omgoodness I didn't know anybody else had those solar powered toys! My dad.. has a crate full lol. He used to sell em. He's .. rly weird >< There are monkeys and .. uhh pandas.. and other animals.. and yup flowers :P Hahahah.

    I haven't visited your blog for a while! But your latest posts are rly great!


    P.S. You're gorgeous :O

  4. @Natalie haha knick knacks, it's where all my money goes!

    @Krissy nawww ♥ thank you gorgeous!

    @Hevn Okay I will soon! still testing it out :) aww we just got it in australia recently!

    @Mimi hahahaha i love them! I've seen so many types, owls, hello kitty omg i love them all, but they're so expensive! :( booo hahaha nawww that's cool! Thank you gorgeous <3 aww :$


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