Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Event - Day 1: IMATS + ABBW

Over the weekend IMATS and ABBW were on :) 

ABBW was held by the lovely Jacie (youvegotnail) and Kimmi (plasticdiaries), with many months they had put into preparation... It was actually happening!!!! They did an amazing job at making this weekend a success!!!! It was the first Australian Beauty Blogger Weekend event ever! So I was super excited to be one of the many 85 beauty bloggers attending. 

I spent ABBW with Tram, Tezza and Amanda
Amanda was only able to come at dinner though because she had work earlier on throughout the day :( 
 It was awesome meeting Tezza for the first time after knowing her from blogging for a while, I was excited to hang out with Amanda and Tram since we hadn't properly done so... ever! 

 I got up at 5am, but I wasn't the slightest bit grumpy about my lack of sleep because I was pumped for the rest of the day so that's okay :)
But what sucked was that I forgot my camera at home *dammit* I didn't want to make you all suffer if I took the pictures with my phone.... So I don't have any pictures to post :(
 I wish I could have visually invited you all on the trip with me though... Words will have to suffice. 

We went for registration at Novotel and afterwards all met outside IMATS. We waited for quite a while so we snapped a few photos.

Garnier goodies box we got from registration :)

Hi girls :')
Pictures taken from Trammie!

We proceeded into IMATS and I was so excited! But dissapointed that I hadn't researched earlier on what I should have purchased. I ended up purchasing two brushes, only spent $7!

Crown Blending Fluff Brush

Royal & Langnickel Brow Brush

The brushes were unbelievable cheap!!! I was so amazed!!! Maybe this is how people in America feel everyday when they walk into the beauty section of their stores :)

After a while, Tezza and I decided to take a break and went to relax at the Royal & Langnickel suite they had restricted only of ABBW members, aww it was such a nice little place where we could drink, snack  and have a little chat :) We could have even gotten our nails done there! I really wanted to get mine done but I had no credit so I would have been lost if I did so... haha

I looooveeee orange juice! Yum yum yum. 
Picture taken from Tezza :)

When leaving the suite, we were given a bag..... I opened it up and I was super excited to find out that it was a Royal & Langnickel Green Line COMPLETE Brush Set!!!! It had an interesting cover :) Made of corks kinda.

The brushes were so soooooffffttt!!!! All of them!

We went to wander around and check out the stalls again..... And saw Pursebuzz a few metres away... All of us were completely shocked! Omgg she was sooooo tall and gorgeous!!! We went up to chat to her and have a photo and she gave us all the cutest bows! She has the moooost adorable accent ever and she's so kind! ..... I think I can write an essay about her but lets stop here.

Awwwwwwwww ♥
Picture taken from Trammie!

After IMATS, we went back to Novotel for a seminar by Beauty Directory. They had introduced us to Trishave and Pure Therapy and had given us generously given us samples for each. I think it was interesting about the amount of information they had provided to us about it! After hearing it, I just wanted to try it straight away. There was also a panel where they gave us their tips on how to deal with PR's, which I thought was quite interesting!

Trishave is a shaving range which produce a range of products for both men and women. Their products are beneficial for sensitive skin and are used to sooth and soften the skin and prevent ingrowns. I thought it was interesting that there was SPF included in the products which are to be used after shaving. I was surprised cause I had never seen their products before! But I am eager to try it out :)

We were also given Pure Therapy samples, they create products for hair and skin care which are also used for skin conditions and sensitive skin. 

Upon leaving, they have given us a white bag with a white box..... And I wonder what was inside :)
 A mirror!!!!

A massive improvement from my $5 one from Cabramatta... hahaha *passes it down to my sister
Aww I love it! It has a grip and double sided mirror which is a close up on one end :)
It even had 'beauty directory' on it, which I thought was pretty cool :)

After the seminar we had a few hours of spare time then had gone down to Establishment for the Dinner hosted by Maxted Thomas :)
Tram and I were luggaging a tonne of goodies around, I still had bruises on my shoulder and arms on Monday but it was well worth it!
Tezza had gone home as she wasn't feeling so well which was a shame :(
Amanda came after work, but Tram left half way through the event due to an unfortunate event :(

Amanda and I :)
Picture taken from Trammie!

I really have no other pictures of the event..... But it was awesome! There were so many brands there, we were given many products (which I cannot wait to try!) And the dinner was a great way to end the night!

Good night everyone,
it feels really late... But it's only 11!
I've been sleeping early lately :) Super proud of myself...

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did!!!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. Looks like you had a great time and got some nice things! xx

  2. I'm drooling over all the goodies you got. And OMG 2 BRUSHES FOR $7!!! haha

  3. IMATS looked so much fun!!! AWW, looks like you had a great time, Alice! So lucky.. :D AND you get to take home some great goodies?!! :) LOVE!

  4. Ooh, I actually haven't open up the box yet so didn't know what the mirror looked like. Was glad to meet you at ABBW too! =D

  5. @Sophie LOLz hi
    @Lauren I did! It was amazing!!!
    @Beata It is!!! :)
    @Cindy I know!!!! I was cheering!!!!! I want to get more next year!
    @Jen It WAS so much fun :))) I was so surprised :)
    @Celeste Hehe awww sorry for spoiling the surprise for you :p I love the mirror!

  6. How good were the Garnier Keep Cup gifts and the gorgeous brush set from Royal & Langnickel.
    Tammerly @ Pink Diva Beauty

  7. Pink Diva- I know! So amazing right!?


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