Monday, October 10, 2011

I Got Mail: Archie Comics

Guess what I got in the mail this morning???!!!!!!
Archie Comics!

I've been absolutely in love with Archie Comics since I was a wee little Canadian Phan! I still remember how I discovered it, I was moving a couch at my grandparent's when I was 9 and discovered a comic book... My aunts had said that they had quite a few in their room, my sister and I charged upstairs to check it out and it was like heaven :')

And since then, my older sister had been building our collection up..... then we moved to Australia where we departed with it :'(

I still love them, but I cringe at the price tag that stores put them up for.... In Canada they were approx I'm guessing $3~7 a book... Here they're 7+! And $7 is just for the thin ones....

I've followed Archie Comics on Twitter for a while and after seeing The Best of Archie Comics book go online.... I knew I had to have it! 400+ pages of goodness??! I couldn't ask for anything more :')

I was waiting for the day to reunite all my packages and tear them all open!
Look at my Panda chillin in the background, mirin my addition to my collection...

I ordered these babies exactly a month ago! 
I ordered The Best of Archie Comics and Archie's Camp Tales off Book Depository

My Book Depository purchase too less than a week to come! And it was from the US! I was so surprised at how speedy the shipping was..... and did I forget to mention that it was FREE?

I got my Fishpond purchase.... disappointingly, today. A month....? And Fishpond is from Australia. But Free shipping so meh, can't really complain.

My wee little Australian Archie Comics collection.... Really! My dictionary takes up half of that :(
Look how snug they are :) Cuties!

After flipping through the comics.... I realised that the Betty and Veronica one isn't a comic :( It's a book :(

Oh well! Still pretty to look at :)

Okay, well I just wanted to share that hehe.....

Thanks for viewing!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. I loveeeeeee ARCHIE comics! Did you watch the real-life version movie "Archie Returns to Riverdale"?!!!! Definitely didn't like it as much as the comics, but it was still fun to watch.

  2. LOVE this. Am following now :)

Please please please follow me and let me know what you think! - can’t wait to hear from you!!

kisses polly x

  3. @Jen Oooo! No I haven't! I'm gunna google it now, I wonder what the cast looks like! I still wanna watch it! :p

    @Beatrice Hehe thank you so much x

    @Celeste Hahahahaha IT'S WORTH IT :D I love ittt! Buy the 400 page one!

  4. I love mailll! especially when there are goodies hidden inside haha. I feel a bit sad that I never got into comics when I was younger :( probably too busy being a deprived nerd asian child sigh

  5. lol delayed btw: nooo we didn't break up! haha I guess you could say my sense of humour is a bit wacked :P doesn't exfoliating pimples hurt like mad? :O

  6. Mail is always so much fun to get,
    but it's even better when it something that you love !!
    I like the little collection you've got there :)


  7. Aww Archie comics were always good! :] Love your banner, btw!


  8. @Dana it is isn't it! I was so so so excited,
    christmas every week :) haha Thank you x

    @Amanda hahaa I know!! looove <3!

    @Christina They are! :) Thank you!


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